How long can you live in New York City on $100? This TikToker is trying to find out

Screengrabs from @frankie_hoy's TikTok account

Frankie Hoy has become a cheapskate in the most impressive way possible. While he only started with $100 in his pocket, his budgeting journey has earned him millions of views on TikTok.

Hoy, who lives in his van in New York City, embarked on a personal challenge on TikTok after realizing he was tight on money — he wanted to see how long $100 could last him in one of the world’s most expensive cities.

At first, Hoy set his budget to $100 a week, but when he reached day 7 and still had over $66 left, he wanted to see just how far he could stretch it.

As of Dec. 2, he was on day 29 — and still had a few bills in his pocket.

The series is humorous and lighthearted largely thanks to Hoy’s giddy attitude, but it also highlights the not-so-pretty aspects of living on a meager budget. Hoy found himself eating a bag of oatmeal for breakfast, lunch and dinner after discovering it tucked away in his van.

Hoy eats leftovers at his catering job to keep down his daily costs. Sometimes he drinks water to stave off hunger. On day 4, he found an app called “TooGoodToGo,” which is a meal delivery service at a discounted price because the food provided is otherwise thrown away.

By day 17, Hoy noticed his work pants started to hang off his hips, which he credited to not drinking beer.

“It’s incredible how far he’s stretching this bit,” one person commented.

“This is such refreshing content,” another said. “(People) are usually about spending on this app, not saving. Love it.”

Hoy’s budget has dwindled down to $4.33 as of Dec. 2 — but he doesn’t plan to stop until the mission is complete.

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