London Sinfonietta orchestra to stage pedal-powered performance

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The London Sinfonietta orchestra is to stage a concert powered entirely by bicycles.

The performance, titled Houses Slide, is designed to highlight climate change.

The energy for the show, which will take place at the Royal Festival Hall in central London, will be generated by 16 on-stage bicycles.

London at night
Royal Festival Hall (Johnny Green/PA)

All stage lights and amplification inside the auditorium will be pedal-powered and soloist Jessica Aszodi will perform from one of the bicycles.

Andrew Burke, chief executive of London Sinfonietta, said: “Commissioning and producing work that engages the issues in society today is an important role for any contemporary arts organisation.”

He added: “Staging Houses Slide will be a journey into the unknown – and yet the London Sinfonietta is best placed to make that journey having made pioneering new work and public engagement programmes for the past 53 years.”

Laura Bowler (Bob Clewey/PA)
Laura Bowler (Bob Clewey/PA)

Laura Bowler, Houses Slide composer, said: “The climate crisis is the most urgent matter for the artistic community to address right now.

“The more ways we find to communicate the problem, the more likely people will become active in demanding governmental action and in turn global action.

“We can all positively change our lifestyles to decrease our carbon footprint, to reduce our waste, to reduce our negative impact on the planet, but we also need to demand those in power to act with more urgency.

“Houses Slide delves into the complexities at the heart of the climate crisis; climate psychology and climate grief.

“How can we change our minds and the minds of others? How can we effect change?

“We’re also super excited to be challenging ourselves practically to reduce the carbon footprint of the performance through cycle power.

“Our incredible soprano, Jessica Aszodi, has agreed to the challenge of cycling whilst singing throughout the performance, as her character journeys through the different stages of climate awareness.”

The show will premiere on July 9.

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