London man banned from Lambton County

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The area west of London is a no-go for Mickey Lacourse following a series of disturbances in Arkona this winter.

Lacourse, 44, was passing through the town the evening of Dec. 17. People became alerted to his presence when he suddenly started entering homes without the owners permission.

Lacourse’s first encounter was on Townsend Line. The surprised owner found Lacourse in his home and told him to get out. His hand was bleeding and Lacourse refused. But he moved quickly when the owner chased him out.

Soon after Lacourse was in another house on Arkona Road. This time he left when the resident told him to go. By this point OPP arrived and took Lacourse away when the homeowners said they wanted charges laid.

“All I was trying to do was use a phone. That’s all I asked for and then they freaked out on me,” says Lacourse. But he admits “I didn’t do it properly and I apologize.”

Defence Lawyer Michael Barry, who has represented Lacourse since his first criminal conviction in 1996, says “It appears to me this matter was somewhat isolated… He really was in a situation of distress and he needed some medical attention.” The injury was never explained.

A joint position between Barry and Crown Attorney Suzanne LaSha recommended a suspended sentence with the main condition to stay out of Lambton County entirely for a year. He’ll also have a 10 year weapons ban and submit a DNA sample.

Lacourse can’t have any contact with the people whose homes he entered, which should be easy because of his geographical ban.

Justice Krista Leszczynski accepted the deal but wanted to make it clear to Lacourse that despite him not causing any injuries or property damage, his behaviour had consequences.

“I appreciate you have indicated that you were just seeking the assistance of a phone,” she says. “However it’s important that you understand that your actions caused significant distress to the homeowners and that you had absolutely no right to enter the residences without their consent.”

Alex Kurial, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Independent

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