London designer hits back at critics after donating £16k worth of jackets to the homeless

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A London designer has hit back at critics after he donated £16,000 worth of luxury coats he swapped with fans to a homeless charity.

Clint, an up-and-coming designer and favourite of Louis Vuitton’s recently deceased creative director Virgil Abloh, come under fire from trolls on social media for his donation.

One of his critics suggested the designer should have sold the coats, with some costing nearly £1,000 each, to buy food and hundreds of Primark jackets to donate to the homeless instead.

Clint meets a Laurence’s Larder volunteer (Laurence Larder)
Clint meets a Laurence’s Larder volunteer (Laurence Larder)

But outspoken Clint fired back on his Instagram stories writing: “Don’t do charitable s*** unless ur ready to face 100s of people that will tell you what you should of done instead while they do nothing.

“Everybody a genius in hindsight.”

Many of his fans rushed to share their support for the designer on social media.

Among the comments, one fan wrote: “Nobody has done something like this before - incredible.”

Another wrote: “Outstanding. Would love to here more about how you executed this. You have inspired me and I am sure a lot others to do the same in our own community.”

Clint with his £16k donations (Laurence Larder)
Clint with his £16k donations (Laurence Larder)

Clint released pictures of himself surrounded by £16,000 worth of designer coats before donating them to a local food bank.

The London based-designer, who founded Corteiz in 2017, has amassed a loyal following over social media and attracted hysteria when he put a shout-out for his latest drop of Bolo puffer jackets on his Instagram stories on Monday.

Hundreds of fans, some clambering over fences, rushed to be first in line for just 50 jackets with Clint asking them to swap the coat off their back for one of his unreleased puffers in the ‘BOLO Exchange’.

Laurence’s Larder based in Christ Church with St Laurence, Willesden Lane were chosen for donations when one of their volunteers’ sons recommended the charity to Clint.

Clint helping to unload his fan’s jackets (Laurence’s Larder)
Clint helping to unload his fan’s jackets (Laurence’s Larder)

Project manager Sarah Akinwunmi told The Standard: “Clint is amazing. He has so many young fans I really want him to be highlighted.

“One of our volunteer’s kids knew him and recommended us to him, so we are lucky. We haven’t handed them out yet but we are going to do a community engagement in the next few days.

“The coats are amazing. I’m sure they will put a smile on our service user’s faces. It will raise their self-esteem for sure.”

Another volunteer said: “It made us jump in the air when we saw the coats. It was like woah!”

To donate to St Laurence’s Larder click here.

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