London Cheshire Looks Back on Love in Video for 'Really Personal' New Song '25/7' (Exclusive)

The 16-year-old singer-songwriter released his debut single "Uncomfortable" in July

Twenty-four seven just isn’t enough for a young-and-in-love London Cheshire!

The singer-songwriter, 16, is hooked on a girlfriend in his new music video for his sultry new slow jam “25/7,” which PEOPLE is exclusively premiering.

“‘25/7’ is really personal to me,” Cheshire says. “It’s the beginning of a story that brings you through the experience of loving someone. So I think it’s perfect for going into the new year; it’s kind of symbolizing a new beginning.”

In the video, we see Cheshire’s relationship play out, from road trips and woodsy walks to bringing a Christmas tree into a cozy cabin. The star sits inside the cabin, watching back his memories through a projector.

“I want fans to take back the feeling of really loving someone. I want this song to be something that brings back that spark you felt when you first met the person you thought was the one,” he says. “What sticks with me the most is how the song is talking about wanting to be with someone so much, you can’t stop thinking about them. I think that is relatable to anyone that has ever truly loved someone.”

<p>Ryan Malcom-Campbell</p> London Cheshire

Ryan Malcom-Campbell

London Cheshire

Cheshire released his debut single “Uncomfortable,” a rumination on combating social anxieties set to a breezy backbeat in the vein of Shawn Mendes, in July.

The star was born and raised in Texas, and moved with his family to California at 8 years old. His mother plays the piano, which initially sparked his love for music, and he received his first guitar from a neighbor.

“I would ride my bike and watch him play his guitar in his garage. And he showed up one day at my door with a guitar, and since then I haven’t gone a day without playing,” he says. “I grew up listening to the legends — my dad would always play artists like Prince, Elvis [Presley] and Def Leppard. So I studied the greats.”

While Cheshire doesn’t identify with any one genre in particular — “I don’t like boxes,” he explains — the teen says his vibe is somewhere between pop, R&B and singer-songwriter, and teases that he’s hard at work on a bigger project.

<p>Ryan Malcom-Campbell</p> London Cheshire

Ryan Malcom-Campbell

London Cheshire

“I believe good music is good music,” he says. “I would love to, by the end of my career, have touched multiple genres.”

Cheshire is also an actor who’s appeared in shows like Young Sheldon and 9-1-1, and a model who’s worked with brands like H&M, Under Armour and Mercedes-Benz.

“I’ve always loved performing, whether it be music or acting or modeling,” he says. “But I think music is something that can touch people’s souls and acting is something that can portray them. And as for modeling, I love fashion and I’m glad I can be a face for people’s creations.”

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