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Logitech's new racing cockpit is a $299 foldable chair

You can fold the Playseat Challenge X up and stow it away when it's not in use.


Logitech has introduced a new $299 cockpit for racing simulators that wouldn't look too out of place at a backyard cookout. The accessories brand has teamed up with gaming seat maker Playseat to release the Playseat Challenge X. It's equipped with all the right parts to support your gaming wheel, but when it's not in use, it's like any other foldable chair that you can stow away.

As The Verge notes, it does look almost identical to Playseat's non-Logitech-branded Challenge racing cockpit, which is $70 cheaper. This version, however, already comes with a tilting pedal bracket and a gearshift mount. While the chair doesn't include the actual accessories needed to play racing sims, it is compatible with the company's G wheels and the driving force shifters that support them. The Verge says it should work with other brand's wheels, shifters and pedals, as well, assuming they're compatible with the mounts on the chair.

A folded chair in a niche between a closet and a computer desk.
A folded chair in a niche between a closet and a computer desk. (Logitech)

Speaking of the chair itself, it uses a breathable material that can keep you cool in the heat. You can easily adjust it and find the most comfortable one among its six positions, and you can move the pedals further if you're tall and need the leg room. The maximum user height it can accommodate is around seven feet, while the maximum user weight it can support is 359 pounds. It could be a good option if you're looking for a simpler, relatively affordable chair for your racing games, and you can get it now from Amazon.