New location for International Falls Super One Foods officially opens

A new location for International Falls Super One Foods opens on November 1, 2023, bringing an expanded shopping experience and twice as many products for customers.

Night manager Anthony Correia said he’s feeling excited and nervous for the new changes. His first shift at the new location of International Falls Super One Foods will take place on the official opening day.

“By far the biggest grocery store I've personally been in, so that’s kind of a nice thing. I've seen the inside of it too which is really nice,” he said. “But there's a whole difference with actually being open.”

Correia said there will likely be a grand opening ceremony to commemorate a new milestone for one of their biggest stores, however he hasn’t heard any news about it yet.

Three days prior, on October 29, 2023, a new location for International Falls Super One Liquor also opened.

Store closings for the former location of International Falls Super One Foods occurred on Tuesday, October 31, 2023, and the closing of International Falls County Market Grocery & Liquor occurred on Saturday, October 28, 2023.

Correia said the store closings were going well but also a bit “chaotic.” Customers felt angry when they discovered that their go-to store had less products during the store closing and had to figure out where else to shop in the meantime.

“So basically, every week we'd have a truck that goes and fills everything. But lately, we have a truck that barely fills anything, but now we have nothing to fill anything. So now it's just completely empty,” he said.

“And people keep coming in for stuff. But obviously we haven’t gotten anything in stock, so there’s a lot of angry people most times.”

Nearby stores that customers turned to include Merards or the Dollar General Store in International Falls, Correia said.

Now that the new location is opened, Correia believes that customers will greatly enjoy the shopping experience and have an entire new selection of products to choose from.

“The amount of quantity we’ll have has definitely expanded for sure,” he said. “Probably twice as much compared to our regular store.”

Elisa Nguyen, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Fort Frances Times