Local elections could reshape Durham’s leadership. We asked the candidates to answer your questions.

Mary Helen Moore

This year’s Durham election could remake the city’s governing body, with a new mayor on the way and three at-large council seats up for grabs.

Current Mayor Elaine O’Neal is retiring after just two years, and one of the longest-serving council members, Jillian Johnson will not run again.

Many votes today run along 4-3 lines, meaning the new leaders could reshape how the Bull City grows and spends its tax dollars.

To help you get to know the 20 people running, we invited people from across the city to ask their own questions.

They wanted answers on development, fair pay for city workers, bike safety and the environment, plus solutions for a safer, healthier Durham.

Here’s how the candidates explained their visions. (Note: We are posting responses from the at-large City Council candidates Thursday afternoon and Friday; please return for active links.)

Durham candidates for mayor

Durham candidates for City Council

  • Nate Baker

  • Shanetta Burris

  • Javiera Caballero

  • JJ Campbell

  • Bonita Green

  • Monique Holsey-Hyman

  • Shelia Huggins

  • Khalilah Karim

  • Carl Rist

  • Sherri Zann Rosnethal

  • Waldo Fenner (no response)

  • Renee Vaughan (no response)

How to vote

A primary is being held to narrow the field. Early voting in the primary runs through Oct. 7 and Primary Day is Oct. 10.

  • For mayor: The top two candidates proceed to the general election in November.

  • For City Council: The top six candidates proceed to the general election in November.

To find polling places and full details on voting, visit the Board of Elections at or 919-560-0700.