Lizzo’s Vacation Box Braids Will Inspire You To Take PTO

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After releasing an album and performing worldwide this summer, it's nice to see Lizzo enjoy much-needed time off. Recently the artist took to Instagram to show off her latest protective hairstyle, and it's indicative from the photos that box braids are still having a hot girl summer.

From the looks of it, the "About Damn Time" singer is posted somewhere tropical and enjoying sandy white beaches and hopefully lots of mojitos. The main focal point of her photos is her box braids and nails. Her braids are styled a few inches below her waist and give a lived-in, well-worn vibe. She sported french-tipped, stiletto-shaped nails with what appeared to be candy swirls, along with a pair of futuristic hot pink sunglasses and a Chanel pearl belt wrapped around her waist to complete the entire vacation look.

While we're unsure of where her exact location is, we know it's somewhere out of the country and Lizzo is living her best life. If you need more inspiration to take your paid time off, see more of Lizzo's vacay pics below and book your midsummer holiday.


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