Liz Truss talks sense about thinktanks

<span>Photograph: Hannah McKay/Reuters</span>
Photograph: Hannah McKay/Reuters

It seems that even Liz Truss shares George Monbiot’s view of the Institute of Economic Affairs (Rightwing thinktanks run this government. But first, they had to capture the BBC, 5 October). Like him, she is opposed to, in her words, “vested interests dressed up as thinktanks” (Truss takes aim at ‘anti-growth coalition’ on final day of turbulent conference, 5 October). Let’s hope the BBC was listening.
Geoff Booth
Knebworth, Hertfordshire

• Kirkcaldy high school, when Gordon Brown attended it, was not a comprehensive (Letters, 5 October). I attended nearby Beath high school in Cowdenbeath in the 1960s, and often played hockey against Kirkcaldy high. Both were grammar schools. Those who failed to gain a place were relegated to secondary moderns.
Jill Wallis
Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire

• There was plenty to criticise in Liz Truss’s speech to the Tory party conference. I was surprised that you chose to home in on her outfit choice (Why did Liz Truss wear the same outfit as a fictional fascist?, 5 October). This is exactly the kind of low-level sexism that puts many women off entering politics.
Ju Owens
Labour party member, London

• I do wish people would stop referring to Liz Truss as having been “elected”. She was merely “voted in” by less than half of the tiny Tory membership, and wasn’t even supported by a majority of Tory MPs. She has no mandate.
Jennifer Jenkins

• Can pies grow?
Rev Canon Michael Ainsworth

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