'Liz Truss was stitched up by a party that wanted Rishi Sunak to be PM'

Liz Truss - Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP
Liz Truss - Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP

Liz Truss blamed a Left-wing economic establishment and her own Conservative Party for her downfall in a 4,000-word essay for The Telegraph on Saturday.

This created a strong debate among readers, with the majority coming out in support of the former prime minister. They suggested she had been the victim of a coup by her own party, which readers argue has been hijacked by Left-wing politicians.

Although readers backed Ms Truss's economic policies for the most part, some suggested her plans were announced in haste and panicked the markets, ultimately forcing her resignation.

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'Liz Truss was a breath of fresh air and so was her Budget'

'Liz Truss failed because she had a fatal combination of arrogance and incompetence'

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