We Are Living Next To Each Other But Are We Living With Each Other?

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The last two years have given us a much-needed reality check. For many, it was a period of reflection and introspection. Some paused and took stock of what was more important to us. The rest of us raced against time to adapt to that changing time.

Work from home made our lives simpler. We saved precious hours of the mornings otherwise spent on commute. Some of us were able to save on our travel and lunch money. But most importantly, in the beginning, we found ourselves more relaxed both physically and mentally. Preliminary research noted there was a rise in our productivity levels when working remotely. But it also meant that most of us began getting an earlier head-start to the day and working twice as harder to accomplish our tasks. And besides pushing that envelope at our offices, we have also been balancing the scales at our homes.

We found corners at our homes that we have dedicated as our workspaces. Some of us have, especially working parents, have effectively split our household chores from online grocery shopping to taking turns in cooking meals or doing the laundry. We appear to have everything in order, our priorities and our responsibilities. But some of us are struggling to carve out that time for ourselves, our children, and our loved ones.

According to the latest survey, 78% of respondents agreed that they have lesser time to meet or talk to friends, relatives, and family members. While 86% of respondents agreed that their children feel ignored when they are not able to spend enough quality time with them. It is almost like we are living next to each other but not with each other. What we don’t want is to look back and question in hindsight “What If”. What if we had spent more time being kids with our kids. Then, perhaps, we would have had better memories to share.

It is time we seized the day and turned the tides in our favour. It is time we went back to our basics. Yes, digital games are convenient. But maybe we need to sit down with our children and play snakes and ladder the old-school cardboard way. And teach them about sportsmanship and the other #101 life lessons that our parents taught us. So, what if you don’t have these board guys from your childhood?

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Tide is killing two birds with one stone. It has introduced a unique #TideForTime movement through its anti-germ kill pack where the back panel includes nostalgic games such as Snakes and Ladders. You can now rip off the back panel and use it to play the game in the traditional spirit. Meanwhile, Tide is also helping you save your time spent worrying about removing that turmeric stain from the tunic of your 8-year-old. Here is a fun fact. Did you know that households across India spend up to 300 hours^ on average doing laundry? But Tide’s Double Power detergent provides superior cleaning in the soak or the machine itself, resulting in lesser laundry time. We can leverage the time saved for what is more important to us.

Yes, time seems to be racing away. Turn to Tide to turn the tides and spend more time with your loved ones!

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