I Live in a Ski Town, and I Reach for This Cozy Fleece Every Single Day

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Did I mention it’s nearly half off right now?

<p>Real Simple / Pamela Jew</p>

Real Simple / Pamela Jew

At the beginning of January, I moved to a ski town in Utah for the winter season, craving snow and the great outdoors. But as a Floridian who’s lived in Hawaii too, I’m a certified cold wimp, and my wardrobe was simply not cutting it. While I lived most of the day in my ski gear so that I could hit the slopes after work, I started looking for warm yet functional loungewear—what I’d change into at the end of the day. I scoured Huckberry, preferring the Austin-based retailer for its tough yet stylish independent brands, and discovered my holy grail: the Proof Trail Fleece Pullover, available for a whopping 45 percent off.

Retro-inspired fleeces definitely make my heart a-flutter, and this colorblocked version was no exception. The price point added to my crush. The jacket was available in Charcoal and Natural (a brownish gray and cream combination) or Charcoal and Olive (brownish gray and green.) I chose the former, appreciating its overall neutral vibe paired with a bright blue accent zipper and collar lining.



To buy: $81 (was $148);

When the fleece arrived at my home, it was perhaps 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside and I was tired of the sweatshirt and sweater rotation I’d managed to stuff into one of three checked bags. My hoodies were raggedy, and I didn’t want to have to dry clean or hand wash anymore.

The outside of the jacket was soft to the touch and much thicker than I’d expected from the product photo I’d seen online. As in, I immediately just wanted to cuddle with it, or maybe use it as a pillow. Then I slipped it on.

While the material itself is well-insulated, the inside of the jacket—most specifically behind the large front pocket—was lined, meaning that it didn’t feel too warm. While I was a little disappointed at first because I love a comfy, shearling-type lining in my winter wear, the choice actually made the jacket more versatile. I could wear it outdoors, but then come inside to a roaring fire or cranked up heat and not overheat or be uncomfortable. When I’m on the go, that flexibility is necessary, and it makes the jacket more likely to be a pick of mine in other seasons, too.


The color-blocked design is a nostalgic nod to the most iconic of outdoor gear, but the colorway itself means it goes with everything I wear when the temperatures drop below freezing. I just love it. I wear it practically nonstop (even while sleeping), and it feels remarkably homey, like one of those well-loved pieces I’ll still pull out in ten years with plenty of memories attached. Post-wash, it still feels just as cozy—no mourning the loss of a “new sweatshirt feeling.”

Based on its versatility, fashionable design, and cuddly insulation, I just know I’ll wear this fleece jacket during the fall, winter, spring, and yes, even summer. Bundle up with the Proof Trail Fleece Pullover for almost half off at Huckberry.

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