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Little Caesars employee shows how the pizza chain makes one of its most popular items: 'This hurts to watch'

If you’ve ever been to a Little Caesars restaurant, you’ve probably indulged in their beloved “Crazy Bread” once or twice.

According to the company, Crazy Bread has been around since 1982 and is made using fresh dough that’s created from scratch in-store each day. The dough is then sliced into individual breadsticks and topped with butter, garlic and parmesan before getting popped in the oven and cooked to golden-brown perfection.

But aside from Little Caesars staff members, few people have actually gone behind the scenes to see how this process really works — until now.

A video of the legendary bread getting made is now going viral on TikTok, taking viewers into the kitchens to see how it’s done. But so far, the reactions have definitely been all over the place.

A lot of people bashed the video, saying that’s not how “real” Crazy Bread is made.

“This hurts to watch,” declared one person.

“As an assistant manager at lil caesars i would actually cry if i saw someone make crazy bread like this,” said another.

“We would not serve those to our beloved customers,” yet another person chimed in, who then identified themselves as “an executive assistant of the assistant manger.”

“Why is everyone in the comments assistant manager at little caesar’s,” someone else quipped.

Though not everyone who commented claimed to have worked at Little Caesars, there were other people who said they were employees and confirmed this was how the bread is made.

Other comments came from long-time customers who were less than enthused with the video.

“now i see why it’s called crazy bread,” one commenter said.

“i’d be upset to receive that,” said another.

“y’all talking about how he cutting it,” added someone else, “no gloves is crazy.”

In fact, a lot of people commented on the no-gloves aspect, which they found to be a bit gross. But others pointed out that even at regular pizzerias, wearing gloves is not mandatory during the dough-making process.

There were also lots of commenters who defended the video, arguing that regardless of how it looks before it gets put in the oven, Crazy Bread sure comes out tasting amazing.

“Thank you for your service,” one person thanked the video creator.

“Not all hero’s wear capes,” added another.

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