Listen to TyBass & Lsdvas’ “Anguilla (Remix)”: The Ones

Art direction by Nate Antoine

TyBass & Lsdvas: “Anguilla (Remix)”

The New York summertime anthems are coming. On my early admission list: Cash Cobain and Bay Swag’s “Fisherrr,” Xaviersobased’s “KlkMiHijo,” any Baby Osama song, and whichever 41 leak actually comes out in full. There are more contenders on TyBass’ recent mixtape Gyallery (Side B), a breezy blend of sing-rap melodies and lush, reggae-infused vibes that call for wheeling out the powerful sound systems. Among the highlights are the dreamy “Tantalize (Remix)” and “Handle Datt,” a sort of romantic player’s ball. My favorite, though, is “Anguilla (Remix),” where constant pitch shifts, stops and starts, and gunshot sound effects make it feel like the DJ at a backyard party in Canarsie is losing his shit. In the right setting, you’d want to do anything but sit down.

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Originally Appeared on Pitchfork