Listen to Lazer Dim 700’s “Sabatahj”: The Ones

Lazer Dim 700 in “Sabatahj,” directed and edited by LaughToDaBank and Xt6cy

Lazer Dim 700: “Sabatahj”

Pretty much every time I hear a new rapper from Atlanta, all I can think is they are absolutely losing their minds in Atlanta. It’s music for the end of days, the kind of songs that make you want to repent, which, in other words, is to say that it’s the perfect soundtrack for our madly corporatized present and future. Lazer Dim 700’s “sabatahj” stirs up similar feelings. The anarchic ATL up-and-comer slips into this staggering, punched-in flow where almost every line is stepping on the one that comes before it—the vibes are a doomsday-ready blend of Kasher Quon meets Goonew meets Young Nudy. Producer onetwofive’s uncontrollably honking 808s only makes it all that much more chaotic—it sounds like the evacuation alarm of a nuclear power plant. The music video nails down the vibe: He wanders around empty graffiti-covered tunnels and skateparks like he (and a few skaters) are the only people left on Earth.

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Originally Appeared on Pitchfork