What links Diana Ross, Audra McDonald and Andra Day? The Weekend quiz

Thomas Eaton
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<span>Photograph: ShowBizIreland/Getty Images</span>
Photograph: ShowBizIreland/Getty Images

The questions

1 Which French chemist was guillotined for selling adulterated tobacco?
2 Which bear is named after an Alaskan island?
3 Who was known as the London Bach?
4 What is Scotland in Scottish Gaelic?
5 Which TV programme’s original theme tune was Barnacle Bill?
6 One of the world’s busiest, where is Europoort?
7 What is said to be an Indian game accidentally discovered by the British?
8 Whose ancestry is depicted on a Tree of Jesse?
What links:
9 Christina Koch and Jessica Meir (in orbit, 18 October, 2019)?
10 Chi; Col; Dor; Man; Ro; Sil; Win?
11 Griffin (optical experiments); Perseus (cap); Harry Potter (cloak)?
12 Tolomeo; Arco; PH Artichoke; Anglepoise?
13 Diana Ross; Audra McDonald; Andra Day?
14 Kronk; Gleason’s; Wild Card; 5th Street?
15 Blues standard; Kings Oak motel; hypermarché chain?

An Alaskan bear tucking into a salmon
Sushi for dinner: an Alaskan bear. Photograph: Paul Miller/AP

The answers

1 Antoine Lavoisier (and tax fraud, 1794).
2 Kodiak bear.
3 Johann Christian Bach.
4 Alba.
5 Blue Peter.
6 Rotterdam.
7 Cricket (by Ashis Nandy).
8 Jesus (in religious art).
9 First all-female spacewalk at the ISS.
10 Add “chester” to make an English placename.
11 Invisibility: HG Wells’s The Invisible Man; Greek myth; JK Rowling books.
12 Lamp designs.
13 Played Billie Holiday on stage and screen.
14 US boxing gyms: Detroit; New York; Los Angeles; Miami.
15 Crossroads: Robert Johnson song; setting of Crossroads soap; Carrefour (crossroads in French).