Lindsey Graham has a warning for Democrats who want to call witnesses at Trump's impeachment trial

George Back
·Producer, Yahoo Entertainment
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On Monday’s Fox News Primetime, Sen. Lindsey Graham discussed the upcoming impeachment trial of former president Donald Trump. Trump was impeached a historic second time for his alleged involvement in the riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6. Graham believes the upcoming trial is unnecessary and strongly opposes witnesses being brought forth to testify.

“To my Democratic colleagues,” warned Graham, “if you vote to call one witness, none were called in the House, get ready for a long trial.” Graham went on to say, “But if you open up that can of worms, we’ll want the FBI to come in and tell us how people actually pre-planned these attacks and what happened with the security footprint at the Capitol.”

The threat of FBI involvement was welcomed online by those supporting the impeachment trial. It would also most certainly increase the length of the trial, something that Graham has stated he doesn’t want.

“You open up Pandora's box if you call one witness,” he continued. “I hope we don’t call any and we vote and get this trial over next week when it starts.”

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