Lili Reinhart’s quiff is taking us back to the early 00s

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You may know Lili Reinhart best for her starring role in Riverdale as the one and only Betty Cooper. However, Lili now has a shiny new starring role in the Netflix film, Look Both Ways. Of course, with this new release, there came a coveted red carpet event and screening in Los Angeles where Lili, to no surprise, STUNNED.

In terms of fashion, the actor opted for the seemingly very popular 2022 trend: the 'naked dress' look. However, in terms of beauty, she has taken us straight back to the early 00s with a hairstyle that is very reminiscent of Lauren Conrad. And that would be the iconic quiff, if you hadn't already guessed. Anyone else getting Laguna Beach and The Hills flashbacks?

Now, unlike Lauren's quiff where her bangs would be clipped up towards the back of her head, Lili has gone for the side part swooping quiff – think: surfing a hair wave. It's practically the same look that Khloé Kardashian wore to the 2022 Met Gala.

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

Side note: As well as the professional snaps, can we also just take a mo' to appreciate this adorable group pic that the star shared to her Instagram.

She even captioned the post: "My boys ❤️". Too cute.

But I digress. Cuteness aside, let's take it back to the hair with this three-part carousel that shows the look in all its golden bronde glory.

Accompanying the quiff, Lili has opted for a chic straight style with the fringe falling into an 's' shape. For the makeup, just like the hair, she's kept the look minimal, yet still glamorous with a peach lip and a touch of pink shadow on the lower lash line.

Taking notes for my next red carpet event... aka a night out on the town.

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