Lili Reinhart Has Sizzling Abs, Underboob In 'Look Both Ways' Premiere Photo

  • Lili Reinhart flaunted her epic abs in a sheer dress that revealed her underboob while promoting the premiere of her new movie, Look Both Ways.

  • The Riverdale actress also displayed her mega-toned legs in a pantsless, see-through 'fit.

  • Lili works with her private trainer and enjoys walking her puppy, Milo, to stay active.

Mermaid alert! Lili Reinhart just rocked an underboob-baring, abs-revealing, emerald dress, and can I just say—wowza! Lili sparkled like the star she is while celebrating her new film, Look Both Ways.

Lili gave her fans a two-for-one style special. Following her unmatched, under-the-sea 'fit, she stunned in a lacey, pantsless dress at the premiere's after-party. Her long, toned legs were on full display, and the shiny, low collar even revealed a bit of her sheer, black bra. I'm obsessed.

Look Both Ways hit Netflix yesterday and everybody is freaking out, according to Tudum. I know what I'm watching this weekend!

Photo credit: Emma McIntyre - Getty Images
Photo credit: Emma McIntyre - Getty Images

Lili previously shared what she does to stay active—and her celebrity fitness inspiration. “I was inspired by Gal Gadot,” she told Us Weekly. "I was like, I want to be like you. I want to be strong."

Photo credit: Charley Gallay - Getty Images
Photo credit: Charley Gallay - Getty Images

Lili noted that her #fitspo didn't revolve around weight, but instead strength. "I didn’t feel like, ‘Oh I needed to be skinny or thin.' It totally wasn’t like that,” the 25-year-old actress said. “I wanted to feel really strong, physically strong.”

Before this Wonder Woman-inspired epiphany, Lili was nowhere near a fitness fan. In fact, she hated the gym. Luckily, her personal trainer helps to create engaging workouts, and Lili has even described their time together as "life changing," per Us Weekly.

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When she's not in the gym, the actress can be found walking her adorable pup, Milo. That definitely sounds like a more fun way to exercise to me!

As someone who has previously struggled with body dysmorphia, Lili is dedicated to encouraging body positivity. "It’s hard because I’ve totally been on the receiving end of the mirror and thinking that’s not what I want to look like,” she confessed.

“But if you’re doing things that make you happy and you think you are treating your body well by nourishing it with good food and exercise then you should just accept yourself,” she told Us Weekly. Well said, Lil.

You can see Lili in action on Netflix now.

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