LIFT-UP Financial Services Unveils LIFT-UP Resolution Retirement Framework to Help Tech Executives Reduce Taxes & Receive Income in Retirement

Campbell, California--(Newsfile Corp. - December 6, 2022) - LIFT-UP Financial Services, a San Jose, California-based financial services firm, unveiled its programs to help hi-tech professionals set up their finances for retirement in a tax-efficient way. The company is led by a former hi-tech executive and Sheridan has helped many hi-tech individuals and families into a stable retirement.

"For someone just entering the workforce, retirement can seem so far away and incredibly scary and complicated," Founder Jerry Sheridan said. "We sit with these professionals and executives and let them know that you can't start too early to prepare, protect and preserve your retirement. It's something that builds over time and with a knowledgeable advisor, you can retire with a steady stream of income that heavily reduces taxes."

Through LIFT-UP's program, hi-tech professionals go through a three-step process to prepare for a successful retirement. The team coaches their clients on getting to know themselves and their habits before understanding how they want to receive income in retirement. Lastly, the team takes all of that information, along with their client's current financial situation, and devises a plan to help reduce the burden of taxes in retirement.

Jerry Sheridan

Jerry has worked with hi-tech executives for over 20 years and has seen a wide variety of retirees. Given the current landscape of the tech industry, Jerry's experience working in the hi-tech industry has prepared him to help protect others' financial futures.

"Layoffs in the tech world are scary and we've seen many recently," said Sheridan. "I lived through our family's bankruptcy when I was a kid. It has instilled in me the need to protect my clients' lifestyles, nest eggs, and financial legacies."

To learn more, or to set up a call with Jerry and his team, visit or call 888-511-1269 x101.

About LIFT-UP Financial Services
Founded by Jerry Sheridan, LIFT-UP Financial Services helps hi-tech professionals and executives prepare for retirement. The firm understands that personal finance is more personal than finance and works in partnership with its clients to develop a retirement plan that works for their needs and wants.

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