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Welcome to April, Libra. Despite Mercury retrograde and an eclipse (at least it's not in your sign this time, unlike last month's lunar eclipse) April brings welcome forward momentum to your favorite relationships and a cosmic order for decadent self-care, which is the silver lining to any stressful celestial event. On Monday, April 1, Mercury begins its backward dance in Aries, signaling a period where communication with your nearest and dearest requires extra care. Misunderstandings may arise, so it's crucial to think before you speak, navigating conversations with mindfulness and grace.

By Thursday, April 4, your ruling planet, pretty Venus, moves into Aries and brings changes into focus within your realm of partnerships. Whether you're anticipating a marriage proposal or are happy for a friend who just had a baby but missing them, it's essential to exercise patience. Remember, Libra, Mercury retrograde slows down desired changes, but this doesn't mean they aren't on the horizon. Be kind and patient with the people around you (especially if they're a Gemini or Virgo, the signs ruled by Mercury).

On Monday, April 8, a new moon and solar eclipse in Aries leaves everyone feeling a bit on edge. Eclipses can be a tumultuous time, but you have the unique opportunity to invoke that silver lining and flip the script. See this as a cosmic permission slip to embrace leisure (including leisurewear) and relaxation instead of pushing against the current.

As the sun makes its way into Taurus on Friday, April 19, prepare for a Taurus season that feels straight out of a rom-com: all about romance and transformation. This period is ripe for a spring makeover, encouraging you to explore new beauty looks, hairstyles, and even the daring territory of tattoos and piercings. Embrace this time to treat yourself and revel in Taurus season’s earthy, sensual vibes.

Tuesday, April 23 brings the full moon in Scorpio, which is a potent time for manifestation and culmination. Despite the unpredictability of job markets, which prevents astrologers from promising money, this lunar event hints at potential financial gains. The energy around this full moon supports endeavors to increase your wealth, so tap into Scorpio's transformative power to make the most of it.

You can relax knowing that Mercury retrograde ends on Thursday, April 25, paving the way for healing from any retrograde-induced misunderstandings, and allowing relationships to mend and strengthen if any cringe-worthy moments occurred. Mercury retrogrades can be annoying, but it's rare that any truly irreversible mishaps happen. Plus, shortly after, on Monday, April 29, Venus, your ruling planet, will enter Taurus (which, as you may remember, is also ruled by Venus, so the planet of love, beauty, and cash is quite happy to be home). This transit not only continues to bless your love life but also reinforces the delightful power of vanity. Allow yourself to enjoy a Spring glow-up guilt-free.

Finally, the month comes to a close with Mars, the warrior planet, moving into its home sign of Aries on Tuesday, April 30. This planetary move calls you to assert yourself, particularly in professional realms. Mercury is direct; Venus, ruler of money, is happy; and now Mars is aligning to help you fight for your needs. While asking for what you want — whether it's an extension on deadline, more money, or better work/life balance — can be daunting, the end of April is an ideal time to stand up for your needs as the stars are on your side. You've got this, Libra, and we'll see you in May.

Important dates in April 2024:

Monday, April 1: Mercury goes retrograde in Aries
Thursday, April 4: Venus enters Aries
Monday, April 8: New moon and solar eclipse in Aries
Friday, April 19: Sun enters Taurus
Sunday, April 21: Juno goes direct in Virgo
Tuesday, April 23: Full moon in Scorpio
Thursday, April 25: Mercury goes direct in Aries
Monday, April 29: Venus enters Taurus
Tuesday, April 30: Mars enters Aries

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