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LG's 2023 wireless soundbars available now, starting at $450

Both the SC9 and SE6 feature Dolby Atmos, but only the higher end model includes a subwoofer.


We saw both of LG's new soundbars in action at CES earlier this year — and while the company was happy to show off the speakers' wireless connectivity and other features, it wasn't ready to share pricing or availability. Turns out, both the premium-focused LG Sound Bar C (SC9) and the more compact SE6 are available starting today, March 22nd. Which unit is right for you depends not only on what kind of soundscape you're hoping to build, but also on if you already have an compatible LG TV.

The higher-end Sound Bar C sells for $999, and comes with an included subwoofer as well as the LG Synergy Bracket — a soundbar mount designed specifically for LG OLED C Series TVs that bolts the audio directly to the screen, rather than the wall or your TV stand. LG's Wow Interface is exclusive to the SC9, which lets you control the soundbar's settings from a compatible LG TV itself.

At $450, the LG SE6 is less expensive and lacks a dedicated subwoofer, but it still packs Dolby Atmos and many of the higher-end soundbar's key features. Wow Orchestra can sync the sound bar's audio to the TV's internal speakers for a larger soundscape, and LG's Wowcast feature allows both units to wirelessly connect to a TV to avoid visible cable clutter.

Both the SC9 and SE6 are available from LG.com and select retailers starting on March 22nd, 2023.