Letters: No reason for offensive nickname; Keep ‘alternative facts’ out of Corman campaign

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Abby Drey/Centre Daily Times, file

No reason for offensive nickname

Bellefonte’s school board voted to resurrect the 80-year-old school nickname and logo, but it is hard to understand why they would bring back something that they know is offensive to many people.

The feelings of native people weren’t even considered in the 1940s, when Bellefonte schools adopted the nickname and mascot. But in 2022, we know that native people find the nickname offensive and the caricature demeaning.

We can understand how racist nicknames and mascots came about in the 1940s, when racial and ethnic slurs were commonplace. But why turn that casual racism into active, intentional racism? Why knowingly, intentionally saddle our schools, students, and town with a logo and a nickname that offends and demeans native people?

John Hruschka, Bellefonte

Keep ‘alternative facts’ out of Corman campaign

It’s chilling, but not surprising that Jake Corman has engaged Kellyanne Conway as his “campaign special adviser.” Of course, who can forget that she famously coined the phrase “alternative facts,” when defending Sean Spicer’s demonstrably false statement about the attendance numbers at Donald Trump’s inauguration. But we all know that “alternative facts” is a shameless euphemism. There are real facts — and then there is BS.

Fact: Donald Trump lost the 2020 election in Pennsylvania and nationwide. The courts said it, the election boards said it, and Trump’s Justice Department said it. (Nonetheless, Jake wants an election audit, at taxpayer expense, because to him, there are “alternative facts,” peddled by the world’s most notorious liar.)

Fact: Jake relishes gifts and perks from lobbyists.

BS: Jake claims he’s concerned about government corruption, yet he lets the anticorruption bill languish in committee.

Fact: Jake has held fundraisers and accepted money from political groups disguised as non-profits to avoid government and public scrutiny of his donors (also known as “dark money”).

BS: Jake’s public stance is to support campaign finance laws, yet his caucus has made no move to legislate on it. He claims to be about transparency, however he keeps the source of his campaign funds secret.

And now, he has hired America’s most adept shyster to spin some more BS aimed at Pennsylvania voters. We won’t fall for it!

Marilyn Goldfarb, Boalsburg

Thanking courageous MNMC employees

On March 11, 2020 when WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic and called for countries to take immediate action to scale up the response to treat, detect and reduce transmission to save lives, the world was turned upside down. The ramifications have been psychological, sociopolitical and economic; the toll on the human spirit has been immeasurable. In the face of this tragedy, I want to thank all the workers at Mount Nittany Medical Center. They have continuously continued to carry the burden of this disease in a very special way. They put themselves at risk to take care of us — regardless of anyone’s personal opinions concerning masks, vaccinations, boosters or politics. They struggle to keep MNMC open; they serve all our health care needs even as they are stretched to the maximum by shortages in supplies, personnel, beds ... due to surges in COVID hospitalizations. Everyone at MNMC is forced to make difficult decisions and bring compassion over and over again to people who are in the midst of some of the hardest moments they may ever face. The heartbreak and stress of those moments don’t end for our courageous hospital workers. They are repeated over and over again. COVID stress will continue until this disease is brought under control. I am very grateful for all the employees at MNMC . I called the hospital to ask how I could express my thanks; I was directed to https://courageousatheart.org/. I was assured that notes are received with heartfelt appreciation. I’m passing on the link.

Barbara S Nilsen, State College