Letters to the editor: Vaccines, Biden order, Washington hospitals, fighting COVID

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When I was a year old, my brother contracted polio. My father, a World War II Navy combat pilot, sat by his bedside while my brother endured six months in an oxygen tent. He miraculously recovered, while others were not so lucky. When the government made the Salk vaccine available, the virus was eradicated. Feeble arguments of “freedom” were virtually non-existent. We all are tired of COVID and masking. To those who refuse the vaccine, suck it up, snowflake. Your ignorance puts my 7-year-old at risk.

Keith Winnovich, Hailey

Biden action

Simple question. Before Governor Brad Little decides to take legal action against President Biden, why doesn’t he look at the data on Covid-19 numbers on Idaho. Someone has to take action, Little won’t.

James Malloy, Nampa

Washington hospitals

With the news that Idaho is rationing health care, now that your hospitals are again packed with COVID patients, comes news that Washington hospitals — including the newly-renovated Harborview Medical Center here in King County — are being asked to bail you out.

Why? As good Republicans you have beat your chests about dogged self-reliance and personal responsibility for years. Your belligerent anti-mask/anti vax stances — and your insistence that your “rights” trump any sense of communal responsibility — got you to this place. Since King County taxpayers footed the bill for Harborview’s renovation, we should now insist you live by your creed. Why should our tax dollars be used to bail out your COVID crowd free of charge? Why should we be asked to bail out any arrogant stupidity either here in western Washington, eastern Washington or Idaho?

This time, your COVID crisis was completely avoidable. Those of us who have worked hard to seek and follow reasonable and competent medical science advice these past months are fed up. See to your own, Idaho.

Randal McChesney, Bellevue, Washington

COVID is the enemy

Recognizing the enemy is essential to winning a war. COVID-19 is the enemy. Unfortunately members of the far right wing of the Idaho Legislature have not learned the basics of combat. Rep. Priscilla Giddings saw a 19-year-old sexual assault victim as her enemy. Rep. Chad Christensen views anyone who questions or disagrees as his enemy. The remaining members view businesses implementing COVID precautions as the enemy.

COVID-19 is an invading army. The inability to recognize a common enemy is proving deadly. I asked Rep. Christensen what he could do to protect health care workers. His response: “They knew the inherent risks.” True health care workers do work with contagions. I doubt any health care worker taking the job thought elected officials’ behaviors would purposely put them in harm’s way. Cries of freedom and liberty against the very tools that could end COVID are heard. We are now in crisis and it lies at the feet of Giddings, Christensen and anyone who has not fought against this common enemy. They are providing a safe haven for a virus. They are leaving the lights on during an air raid. They do so for their perceived liberty at the expense of others. Free-dumb.

Marguerite Shaw, Driggs

Powerful delusion

As a fourth-generation Idahoan and passionate fly fisherman, I’ve enjoyed countless hours tying my own flies and casting them upon Idaho’s storied blue-ribbon trout waters.

A lifetime of experience has taught me that if a fly is presented properly, most fish can be suckered into swallowing a good imitation if it appears to be the “real thing,” especially when certain conditions have placed the fish at a disadvantage, making them more vulnerable to deception.

The inherent beauty and wonder of nature mixed with fly fishing seems to relax body, mind and soul, often inducing a state of meditation upon life’s myriad intangibles, such as: how did American politics give way to two separate realities?

Could it be that these uncertain times have placed so many at a disadvantage, making them much more vulnerable to predatory politicians who are “practiced at the art of deception”? Politicians who’ve learned to first sow mistrust in the truth, then skillfully present their home-spun lies as bait, making suckers out of the unsuspecting victims who swallow their imitation patriotism.

“They perish because they refused to love the truth…so God sent them a powerful delusion.” — Apostle Paul.

Michael Howard, Boise

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