Letters to the Editor: One reader’s mask is staying on. One is ditching it right away.

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Mask staying on

First, I am vaccinated. Second, I am glad that I am protected against death and even serious illness. However, I don’t want even a mild case of the COVID-19 virus. Since the easing of the mask mandate, I am even more reluctant to go out. How can I tell if a person without a mask has been vaccinated or if they find wearing a mask inconvenient? So, I will continue to use the grocery stores’ drive-through pickup service, order out from restaurants, and shop online. When I absolutely have to go out, I will continue to wear my mask. I will host family and friends at my home that I know have been vaccinated.

Philis Alvic, Lexington

Masks off — now

All we have heard from Gov. Andy Beshear throughout the pandemic is that he is following the science. Now that the Centers for Disease Control has removed the mask mandate for vaccinated people based on science, Beshear wants to hold onto his power to control Kentucky citizens. He is not following the science by keeping his restrictions in place for another month. I intend to follow the CDC directive and ditch the mask now. I urge all people who are vaccinated to do the same.

William Riffe, Lancaster

Governor ‘dictator’

Well, here we go again. Even as Dr. Anthony Fauci (put me in front of a camera, any camera) and the Centers for Disease Control, otherwise known as the Center for Democratic Control, have finally decided to follow the science and open up the country, our resident dictator in chief, Gov. Andy Beshear, has decided that it is still not safe to open up Kentucky until June 11, his magical date that he arbitrarily decided COVID-19 will make an exit from Kentucky. Instead of following suit and following the science, he is following his left wing belief and showing that he is still in charge in Kentucky and nobody will tell him when it is safe to open up.

He should enjoy his reign of power, because his dictatorship comes to an end in just about 900 days. Good riddance.

Mike Sweeney, Lexington

Republicans cowardly

Rep. Liz Cheney standing up for the virtues of America was removed from her position of leadership in the Republican Party by a secret vote by the Republican members. Such is the cowardice of a party that has sold its soul to someone who cares nothing about the soul of this nation. The demise of the Republican Party is well underway brought about by the whims of a con artist. How easy it was.

Bob Sutton, Springfield

Doughnut delivery

As the coordinator of Lexington’s Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary Church doughnut volunteer ministry delivering unsold doughnuts from North Lime Coffee & Donuts to area charities that feed the hungry, I want to recognize those who give of their time to keep this program going, even through the COVID-19 pandemic. The ministry began picking up doughnuts daily from the Clays Mill location in October 2016. Donuts are delivered to the Catholic Action Center, Salvation Army, men’s and women’s Hope Centers, Ronald McDonald House, Nicholasville’s homeless shelter, Hope Lodge, Ballard Place, Emerson Center, Lighthouse Ministries, Lexington Rescue Mission, local fire stations, and several other charities. Since record keeping began at North Lime’s Clays Mill location, their manager Sam Barr estimates that 93,617 doughnuts have been donated, valued at $135,750. The volunteers who have given so generously of their time, even on holidays, are: Kate Giuliani, Mary Margaret Harrison, Jim Hilvers, Mary Johns, David and Amy Mattingly, Janice and John Mitchell (John is now in Heaven, as our guardian angel), Lauren and Diane Monahan, Brenda Musgraves, Dave and Debbie Schnurr, Sue Sopala, John and Betsy Tibe, Ernie and Maryanne Vasiloff, Angie Allen and family, and our pastor, Father Dan Noll. Thanks for a job well done!

Diane Monahan, Lexington