Letters to the editor: Murgoitio Park, border help, critical race theory, dam proposal

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Letters To Editor

Murgoitio Park site

Imagine if in 1959, short-sighted city leaders decided to swap land and build high-density housing at the Ann Morrison Park site and what a loss that would have been for the city.

That is what the city is planning for the Murgoitio Park Site near South Cole and West Victory roads. Please contact the city council and tell them that residents south of the Boise River need the quality of life that the North End currently enjoys.

Mark E. Johnson, Boise

Dam proposal

I’m entering my junior year at Boise High. My grandpa was in the military and he moved around a lot during his life, but there was always one place he called home: Idaho. He loves to hunt, fish and enjoy the beauty of our state as God created it. I’ve been to the Salmon River many times, but I’ve never seen the fish for which it is named. We should support Congressman Simpson’s Columbia Basin Initiative because it can provide more recreation opportunities for generations of Idahoans. Should we sit by and let these keystone species go extinct or should we take leadership now to ensure our children and grandchildren get to see these fish? I urge readers to call Crapo’s office and ask him to engage with Simpson on this issue.

Joe Krizenbeck, Boise

Border help

Once again, your paper and its opinion writers have shown their pathetic liberal point of view toward America, Gov. Little and the many citizens of Idaho. This is America, where we’re known for helping each other out in times of need. I applaud our governor’s attempt at helping out at the border. Biden has illegally let Americans down, knowing full well (I doubt he even knows he’s the president) he’s breaking the law and trying to let as many illegals in as possible before the Supreme Court stops him! We desperately need to help out along the border. Most Americans are proud of our country and want these illegal lawbreakers stopped. Want to come to America, come here legally, like my family did in 1620. Obey the law (all laws), don’t litter, don’t try to cut in line, don’t expect free food, free rent, free relief of every kind until you’ve paid into the system after years of hard work in America. America has more than enough people living here who think they deserve everything.

Todd Eastman, Coeur D’Alene

Critical race theory

I am an Idaho taxpayer with serious concerns regarding the critical race theory and far left agendas being taught in our Idaho public schools. Since I do not have a choice of paying school district taxes or not, I am making the choice to speak out against these things being taught to our kids and grandkids. What I want taught in our schools is basic fundamental learning; such as math, reading, writing, history (state, United States and world) and economics. Let’s prepare these kids for the real world, not a fantasy world led by the left-wing social misfits. Our kids, especially grade-school kids, do not need to be subjected to gender politics, critical race theory, sex education, most especially gay sex education. Let’s bring discipline, God and national respect and honor back into the classroom. We do not need teachers to bring their personal politics into the classroom, they have no right! I don’t pay them to teach their politics to my kids or grandkids. I pay them to teach my kids to count, read, write and to respect authority and become productive human beings.

Brenda Jo Acosta, Caldwell

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