Letters to the Editor: For helmets, UK should wear blue or white. No more chrome.

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Op-ed alarmist

I am a graduate student at the University of Kentucky and am appalled by Ike Lawrence’s recent opinion piece in the Herald-Leader, “ADUs will bring traffic, noise to Lexington neighborhoods”. When reading his piece, it just kept getting worse and worse. For instance, he continuously compared ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) to State Street, as if people in ADUs are going to be burning couches and rioting after big games; a given connotation with State Street. This couldn’t be farther from reality. Also, he seemed so worried about an influx of cars, but how would the car situation be different than if your mom was living with you inside your main house versus an ADU? Further, when families with multiple teenage kids live together and each teenager has a car, there are of course multiple cars per household and the likelihood of anyone objecting to any of those situations is minimal.

Mr. Lawrence is reaching to make his false points and it sounds just awful, and frankly, elitist. There is little justification for his claims, which are out of touch with reality.

Lauren Roach, Lexington

Tech emphasis

A recent letter writer is absolutely right about the COVID vaccine disbursement community being fixated on computer related solutions. I would add people with limited English to the groups that are most ignored. Agencies can handle a lot more people quickly via computer than on the phone but it just isn’t enough, especially because we want everyone to be vaccinated.

A related issue is that the heavy dependence on computers and internet access to government agencies and processes as well as insurance and banking is also a growing problem for these same people.

Anita Privett, Lexington

Kudos to Red Corn

I commend Fayette County Commonwealth Attorney Lou Anna Red Corn for her dealing with a recent prosecution involving the death of a child.

It was a high profile case with extensive media coverage . It was a weak case with a substantial chance of acquittal and the defendant was well represented.

Aware of all this, she tried it herself rather than have an assistant criticized.


Paul F. Guthrie, attorney, Lexington

UK colors

How embarrassing. University of Kentucky is featured on “College GameDay” against Georgia and UK uses a chrome helmet. You could not even see the UK on the helmets. It is not like Kentucky is on there very much in football, but when they are, Coach Mark Stoops does not use a BLUE helmet or a WHITE helmet. You know, like the fight song for UK. BLUE and WHITE. For years now, Stoops has tried to change the school colors to grey, black, silver, and chrome. He even wears a grey hat at every game. What gives? Is that part of his deal with K-Roger? Someone needs to clue Stoops into the fact that Kentucky is and always will be Blue and White. Has he not ever heard the crowd during the game? One side says BLUE. The other side says WHITE. Probably because he is too busy arguing with the refs. He has brought the team to a new level in his years as coach, but that is all he needs to do. Not change the school colors. Leave that up to Kroger. I am sure they will get their hands on that too. Blue, White, Kroger.

Greg Taylor, Frederick, Colorado

Cartoon insulting

I was deeply offended by Joel Pett’s cartoon in the Oct. 20 Herald-Leader following the death of General Colin Powell. I had the honor of serving on the Joint Staff from 1989 to 1993, during General Powell’s tenure as chairman. Mr. Pett’s inability to differentiate between General Powell’s service in the Armed Forces during the Persian Gulf War and his service as secretary of state during the Iraq War indicates an abysmal lack of historical insight. Mr. Pett owes his readers an apology for his insensitivity to the death of a great American.

James W. Holsinger Jr., retired major general U.S. Army Reserve, Lexington

Care for all

There have been many deaths in Lexington this October. They appeared at University of Kentucky, downtown, and around town. I believe that it’s time to wonder how many of these unfortunate deaths are due to COVID-19 and its consequences. Let’s take care of oneself and one another.

Michael Noga, Lexington

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