Letters to the editor: fascism, forced belief, responsibilities and pro-life reality

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The meaning of fascism is a political philosophy, movement or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual. Republican leaders appear to consider attempts to attack and overthrow our democracy by violent extremists as “misdemeanors.” Yet, they legislate that a personal decision about whether or not to have a baby is a “felony” with citizens rewarded for informing on each other. It’s called fascism. Vote them all out.

Sheila Robbins, Boise

Forced belief

No doubt the Supreme Court dropped a bomb on the Divided States of America. (Fortunately the court’s intention to ambush the country was derailed by the leak and there was at least a little time to reconsider life after a reversed 50-year precedent).

History shows there is trouble whenever a minority forces its moral views upon the majority. This ruling feels like a step backward, not just 50 years but to centuries when a religious group forced beliefs upon the people — such as The Dark Ages and the Crusades.

Unplanned parenthood means suffering. Ask a prisoner what kind of childhood they had. If mental health and family stability are real Republican, values then Planned Parenthood must be a cornerstone.

Obviously, the belief in the instant sanctity of the fetus is religious. Freedom of religion and separation of church and state also went away yesterday, and so America is now at war with itself, as some citizens cannot believe in a benevolent being with the power to prevent suffering refusing to do so. And other religions believe the soul enters the body further into the fetus’s growth period. Punishment for believing differently is not an American value, is it?

Mike Winter, Boise

New responsibilities

Idaho’s abolition of abortion will require the state to take ownership of unborn fetuses and provide child support. Women seeking an abortion but denied by the state will be able to petition for child support that will include financial, health care, daycare, pre-school and state-paid schooling through college. This support will end up costing Idaho taxpayers about $500,000 per child. It is only fair that the people of Idaho who cherish the sanctity of life pay for child support so these lives can be saved and the children will have the financial and mentoring support to thrive and contribute to the well-being of Idaho as they transition to a happy and productive adulthood. We will also need to provide volunteer adult mentors and pay for bonding activities including educational, cultural, and recreational events. If we are going to deny women control of their reproductive rights and force them to bring children into our world in often times untenable situations we need to “Pay the Lady” and provide love and financial support for the child. To do otherwise is both hypocritical and criminal.

Kurt Smith, Boise

Pro-life realities

To those of you who are celebrating the end of Roe vs. Wade: To be anti-abortion is not necessarily to be pro-life. If a person is pro-life, then all lives have meaning. It means supporting the following:

  • Free contraceptives (including emergency contraceptives) for all women.

  • Free prenatal health care.

  • Free childcare for all low-income families. After all, most women who seek out abortions already have a child or two and cannot afford to provide for another child. This type of legislation would support these families.

  • Free mental health services for victims of rape or incest who are forced to carry the fetus to term.

  • Laws to protect the rights of parents to provide health services to minors, especially gender-affirming care.

  • Raising the minimum wage.

  • Creating laws to protect women who miscarry/give birth to a stillborn, and the doctors and nurses who help them.

The overturning of Roe vs. Wade means the end of lawful abortions in Idaho. However, in order to prevent the criminalization of miscarriages, “back-alley” abortions and the death of many, many women, we, as Idahoans, need to work on passing laws to provide support for our families. We need to be pro-life, not just anti-abortion.

Carla Smith, Boise

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