Letters to the editor: Endorsements in local elections

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McGee attacked

The Idaho Statesman story on Sept. 13 about Caldwell City Councilman John McGee running for Caldwell mayor was more of a hit piece than a clarion announcement of his running for the mayoral office. The headline title of the story was this: “Caldwell councilman resigned amid scandal as legislator. Now he wants to be mayor.” Does that appear to be a worthy headline as to John’s mayoral race decision? I know not.

I would think that the story could have been at least: “ The controversial John McGee running for Caldwell mayoral office.”

But no, Rachel Spacek leaps to the opportunity to stink up old excrement on John in the first paragraph; “John McGee, who resigned from the state Senate in 2012 amid accusations that he sexually harassed a female staffer.......” Also Spacek makes dang sure that we all know he was arrested on a felony charge of theft and drunken driving. My question is: Why demonize an individual who perhaps has repented from their sins and is moving on with their life? Spacek went into unnecessary detail about McGee’s transgressions.

In a nutshell the story was more about dragging John McGee through the mud than announcing his decision to run for mayor.

Doug Sweaney, Caldwell

Support Metzler

I support Laura Metzler for the Boise City Council seat in District 1. She’s a 30-year resident of the district who knows the issues well. Laura takes a cautious approach to growth, knowing that stopping it isn’t possible. She advocates for proper infrastructure to meet the needs of new development. She has a particular concern about looming water issues, which more and more residents here are facing.

Laura is an advocate for better public transportation and more opportunities for alternative transportation such as walking and biking pathways. She supports city police, firefighters, and first responders. Laura will be a thoughtful, approachable city councilor.

Rick Just, Boise

Support Tanner

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Patrick Tanner for many years, and during that time his passion for Nampa has always been an inspiration. Patrick and I sit on the board of directors for the Nampa Chamber of Commerce, and he is someone I have come to admire for his insights and commitment to our great community. When I heard Patrick was running for a trustee position on the Nampa School Board, I was genuinely ecstatic because I know no one would do a better job than him. In our discussions, Patrick is motivated and passionate about education; not only for himself and his family, but all the children in the Nampa School District. Patrick wants to keep our kids safe, while still encouraging in-person learning; two issues that are at the forefront of most parent’s minds in the current world in which we reside. Please reach out to Patrick Tanner for a conversation on how he will continue to advocate for our teachers and students when he is elected to the Nampa School Board.

Amanda Schmitt, Nampa

Support Woodings

Each tiny voice is important for shaping our community -- when we accept the awesome responsibility of voting.The city council members we elect run our city by making decisions about public improvements and traffic regulations, enacting ordinances, levying taxes and carrying out a variety of critical tasks.

Let’s elect honest, balanced people who strive to represent all the people in our fair city. We don’t want or need City Council members who focus on narrow, special interest groups or perspectives.

I live in the newly created City Council District 5 and look forward to casting my ballot on Nov. 2 for Holli Woodings. Holli has served on the Boise City Council since January 2018. She has proven to be level-headed, competent and committed to serving all who live in Boise. Vote to re-elect Holli Woodings in the upcoming election.

Kayla Dodson, Boise

Support Fite

Boise public servants continue their champagne tastes. Pandemic-weary Boiseans remain on beer budgets. A month after November 2’s election, we’ll again be reminded when escalating property tax bills arrive.

Fortunately, new city council districts can be a damper on such continued profligacy.

Katie Fite would be a good place to start. I wish I lived in her Bench/East Boise district. I’d vote for her.

With Katie Fite on council, a more reasonable downtown events center/library project would have emerged. She’d have questioned costs and cascading impacts sooner, making the 2019 citizen “time out” vote unnecessary.

She’d have challenged the recent Ridenbaugh Place development, trading established, affordable neighborhood apartments for “luxury student housing” and giving average Boise tenants the boot.

She’d have better scrutinized the proposed Interfaith State Street mega-shelter and its impacts on neighborhoods — a mega-deal fraught with warning signs, shuttling homeless out of downtown so gentrification can accelerate.

She’d have spotted the fallacy in the recent Murgoitio Regional Park shuffle — that Boise’s beloved parks aren’t as sacred as once imagined, vulnerable to the highest bidder.

Tough-questioning Katie Fite would focus on what Boiseans need, less dangling of civic “gifts” from on high.

David Klinger, Boise

Support Tanner

I strongly support and recommend Patrick Tanner for the Nampa School District Board of Trustees Zone 5 seat. Patrick has devoted his career to education and student success. He has a history of service in Nampa and the surrounding area, and he currently leads a strong student support team at the College of Western Idaho. Patrick cares deeply for students and works daily to fully engage them to encourage long-term success in school and beyond. Patrick is a true community leader who focuses on building a team with needed perspectives, strengthening his ability to make sound decisions for a broad population of students. Finally, he listens to the community to identify strengths, needs, and ways to enhance educational opportunities for all students. Patrick Tanner would be an asset to the Nampa School District and I encourage you to vote for him for the Zone 5 seat in this coming election.

Annie Hightower, Boise

Support Robertson

Those who live in Zone 1 of the Caldwell School District, you are so fortunate to be able to cast your vote for Trish Robertson as your school trustee. Trish went to school in the Caldwell District, and her daughter did as well. Now she is honored to serve as a trustee. Her reason for wanting to be on the board is purely to help Caldwell schools safely provide the best possible education for Caldwell’s children.

Trish was appointed to a vacancy on the board last spring and has been diligent in learning the issues confronting the schools today. As a counselor, Trish learned to listen and she utilizes that skill as she listens to teachers, parents, and administrators. Then she is careful, thoughtful and informed when decision time comes. Trish is an Idahoan through and through and will not be influenced by out of state contributors.

Please make a careful, thoughtful, and informed decision and cast your vote for Trish Robertson for Caldwell School Trustee in Zone 1 on Nov. 2.

Penny Neely, Caldwell

Support Sanchez

In less than three weeks we have an opportunity to elect our Boise City District 3 (Northwest Boise) Council Member. I have been a resident of the Collister neighborhood for nearly 16 years. In an effort to make an informed decision, I reached out to all four candidates for District 3. Based on the responses I received via email from two of the candidates, a discussion with the third candidate during a neighborhood meet and greet, and a conversation and email response with the fourth candidate, it is clear the right choice is Lisa Sanchez. As someone who has spent nearly two decades attending city council meetings, I want a representative who is willing to focus on key issues that impact us all directly or indirectly. One key issue for me is housing and housing affordability. As someone who did not vote for Lisa in 2017, she has proven herself by bringing the renter’s voice to the table which had not been present prior. I appreciated her spearheading the rental application ordinance and taking it one step further by advocating for renters at the State Legislature.

Ester Ceja, Boise

Support Taylor

I am proud to endorse Brook Taylor as a candidate for the Nampa School Board Zone 4. Not only do I believe she is qualified for the position based on her professional and volunteer background, but I also believe she would be a valuable addition to the board.

Brook is a seasoned and strong leader in both her professional and personal life. She has the business acumen to make tough decisions and the pleasant demeanor needed to interact with a diverse board of trustees. Brook is committed to promoting transparency and authentic leadership to our school board. She isn’t afraid to take on school officials on behalf of students and parents.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that local government is where the rubber meets the road that has the most significant impact on our daily lives.

We deserve school board members who will govern openly and transparently.

We need school board members who will emphasize the needs of students, parents, and taxpayers before school officials’ agendas.

Brook is precisely the type of leader our school board deserves.

And on Nov. 2, I ask that you vote for Brook Taylor.

Janice Aultman, Meridian

Support Beckman

As a West Ada Zone 3 resident, it has been my honor and privilege to serve as trustee. I wholeheartedly support Anita Beckman’s candidacy. Anita, a stay-at-home mom, holds values I hope to see continued in West Ada. She’s a U.S. Air Force veteran and understands what it means to be a community partner while engaging all stakeholders in the best interest of students.

Many members of our community (myself included) are concerned with Angie Redford’s campaign. Her contributions to date near $12,000, all but 1.5% coming from outside of Zone 3. Her signage states: “A conservative voice for schools.” To my knowledge, Angie has refused to participate in nonpartisan channels to inform voters of who she is and why she’s running.

I fear she has no intention of representing the diverse needs of our families in Zone 3. It appears her strategy includes keeping her positions off record while attempting to make a nonpartisan race political.

Angie’s social media page states “Conservatives deserve a trusted, proven voice on the West Ada School Board.” When voting November 2nd, I urge all Zone 3 residents to ask themselves, “What do students, families, teachers, and staff of Zone 3 deserve?”

Sheena Buffi, Boise

Oppose Freedom Foundation

As we move forward to vote for Boise City Council candidates and West Ada School District trustees, I notice that the Republican party is making a big effort to make what are supposed to be nonpartisan elections partisan.

At the same time, the Republican party has been taken over by the Idaho Freedom Foundation. The IFF, which demonstrates no sense of community, is totally committed to destroying public education and making local governments completely ineffective.

I, for one, will not be voting for the likes of Luci Willits, Angela Redford, or other Republicans who are clearly aligned with the IFF agenda.

Steve Simpson, Boise

Support Lemon, Degl’Innocenti

How can a voter be informed about the Eagle City Council candidates? Only James Lemon and Marc Degl’Innocenti responded to the Idaho Statesman voters guide. Helen Russell and Melissa Gindlesperger did not respond. Both of these women also refused to participate in a candidate forum hosted by the Eagle Chamber of Commerce. I’ve watched or listened to many city council meetings, and have never heard Ms. Gindlesperger speak. Why are these two candidates afraid to answer questions? Do they even hold positions on the issues critical to Eagle residents? If so, what are they? Perhaps since they’ve been endorsed by Mayor Pierce, they can only echo his opinions?

I will vote for Marc and James, as they aren’t afraid of their constituents. Join me in voting for them, as they will actually listen to and represent the residents of Eagle.

Carol L Richel, Eagle

Support Degl’Innocenti, Lemmon

What’s going on in the City of Eagle and their City Council election? Two candidates refused an open forum and also gave no comments for the Idaho Statesman. How are we to know their views? James Lemon and Marc “Captain” Degl’Innocenti have both been transparent, willing to be heard at the open forum and both gave comments to the Idaho Statesmen. What are the other two hiding? More big development. Please review the candidates and vote for James Lemon and Marc “Captain” Degl’Innocenti November 2 for Eagle City Council.

Margaret Ridgeway, Eagle

Oppose GOP attacks

I was dismayed and angered to receive the Ada County Republican Party’s partisan broadside attacking Rep. John McCrostie in the non-partisan race for mayor of Garden City. The personal attack is inflammatory and misleading at best, and is not worthy of Mayor Evans, who I have supported and admired for his good work for Garden City. Rep. McCrostie, as most people in his district know, is a teacher in his day job (which explains why, indeed, he “gets a check from the taxpayers.”) His choice to serve both as a teacher and a Representative is cause for respect, not insinuation and innuendo. He has the experience and skill set to be a stellar councilman.

In today’s overheated political atmosphere, all candidates, parties, and voters should take every opportunity to step back from dangerous rhetoric and make their choice of candidate on the basis of skill and experience, not rhetorical partisan dog whistles.

Margaret Dimmick, Garden City

Support Ball, McCrostie, Mohr

Garden City’s current mayor, John Evans, has served for 16years. That is long enough for any one city leader. It is time for new blood, ideas, and energy to lead Garden City.

I had nothing against Evans until I received a despicable flyer in the mail from his campaign denigrating John McCrostie running for a position on the Garden City Council, Evans’ opponent, Hannah Ball, and Greta Mohr, a small business owner, also running for a position on City Council. I am appalled that Evans would send out such trash to the citizens of Garden City.

Hannah Ball has fresh ideas, high energy, and superb leadership skills to lead Garden City into our bright future. Ball, along with Mohr and McCrostie, are business and development-friendly but in a sustainable and aesthetic way that will keep Garden City’s charm without harming its less affluent citizens that have called Garden City home for decades.

Vote against sleazy campaign tactics, and vote for new leadership. Sixteen years is long enough. It is time for a change. Vote for Hannah Ball for mayor and John McCrostie and Greta Mohr for the Garden City Council

Barbara Condon, Garden City

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