Let's taco 'bout the Emmy-winning TV host who was unmasked on 'Masked Singer'

The Taco has given some red-hot performances this Masked Singer season, breaking out of his shell week after week. But this Wednesday, during the last round of Group B performances that determined which cosplaying mystery celebrities moved on to the Season 3 semifinals, the fiesta ended for the Taco — a.k.a. Tom Bergeron.

Bergeron must have felt right at home on the Masked Singer stage. After all, the reality TV competition he regularly hosts, Dancing With the Stars, has featured many Masked alumni, like Margaret “The Poodle” Cho, Tommy “The Pineapple” Chong, Joey “The Rabbit” Fatone, and Donny “The Peacock” Osmond. And Masked Singer judge Nicole Scherzinger even won DWTS Season 10! But Nicole was still shocked by this spicy reveal, since the panel had guessed that the celebrity beneath that oversized tortilla might be Martin Short, Barry Manilow, Kelsey Grammer, or Jerry Springer instead.

Bergeron actually exited The Masked Singer with a sentimental message not unlike those famous “be good to each other” sign-offs on Jerry Springer’s chat program. “What this show really shows is you shouldn’t trust first impressions,” the Taco declared. “We all go out into the world wearing masks of some kind or another. It’s to our mutual benefit to look a little deeper, and to be nicer to each other.” Aw. He really served some real food for thought.