Let Reese Witherspoon Eat Snow in Peace


Reese Witherspoon may have just shared her most polarizing recipe yet.

Earlier this week the 47-year-old actor showed her 8.9 million TikTok followers how to make “chococinnos” out of snow she straight up scooped off her car. The recipe involves drizzling Whole Foods brand organic salted caramel sauce and chocolate syrup on top of the snow before adding a bit of Slingshot Coffee Co. cold brew for that “yummy coffee flavor.”

“I know what to call it,” Witherspoon excitedly told fans after enjoying a bite of pure nostalgia. “A salted, snowy, cappuccino…a snow salt chococinno.”

Look how happy and care-free she looked! Little did Reese Witherspoon know that she'd end up spending hours defending herself to the TikTok hygiene police. “No no no.. snow is not made to eat.. u can get seriously sick,” one fan replied to the video, sparking a heated debate in the comments section.

“There's so many people on here saying that snow is dirty, so we went and took snow from the backyard and microwaved it and it's clear,” Witherspoon responded to one fan in a follow-up video, holding up a mug of (presumably) melted snow. Women in STEM!

Still, Witherspoon began to doubt herself, asking followers, “Is this bad? Am I not supposed to eat snow?” However, by the next video, she decided she didn't really care. “We're kind of in the category of ‘You only live once,’ and it snows maybe once a year here,” she said. “Also, I wanna say something: It was delicious.”

Furthermore, the Morning Show star replied to another concerned fan, explaining that she didn't grow up drinking filtered water and *gasp* sometimes even drank straight out of the garden hose when she was a kid. So, like, what's a little snow?

As one user wrote, “Reese Witherspoon has all the right to do whatever she wants with her spoon.”

Originally Appeared on Glamour