Leonardo DiCaprio and Billie Eilish ask everyone to vote: ‘Your vote matters’

It was a star-studded event on Thursday’s CBS special “Every Vote Counts: A Celebration of Democracy,” as celebrities provided powerful musical performances and hilarious sketches all in hopes of encouraging people to get out and vote.

“To all the new 18-year-olds out there like me who can vote for the first time this year, do it,” said Billie Eilish. “If you care about yourself, your family and your friends, and our future, vote.”

With over 80 million early votes cast, this election is already one for the record books. But there is still a long way to go, as former secretary of state Condoleeza Rice pointed out.

“Your vote matters,” said Rice. “And so take this great privilege, vote, and remember democracy is not a spectator sport.”

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