Leipold Rechtsanwaltskanzlei: Another Success in Matters of Wirecard / Markus Braun For Investors

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HAMBURG, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / December 8, 2021 / Innsbruck Regional Court confirms enforcement against Markus Braun's private assets. former CEO of Wirecard AG Clients represented by the Leipold law firm, based in Hamburg and Bavaria, have had another success since Friday. Attorney and specialist lawyer for banking and capital markets law Michael Leipold, who represents around 450 clients alone in arrest proceedings against Markus Braun and his MB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, has so far been able to successfully enforce Markus Braun's private assets. There is a constant dispute between the Munich public prosecutor and Markus Braun. Most recently, lawyer Leipold was able to successfully assert himself against the public prosecutor's office before the Munich Higher Regional Court by being allowed to enforce cash at a German private bank in parallel with the public prosecutor's office. The decision is already final. The LG Innsbruck has now also confirmed the compulsory security mortgages of the clients of the Leipold law firm in numerous appeals proceedings. Here, too, enforcement by the Munich public prosecutor does not prevent. On the contrary. It currently looks like this enforcement by the Munich public prosecutor's office could violate EU law. In any case, the entries of numerous clients by way of the Zwnagssicherungshypothek in the million dollar villa of Mr. Braun in Kitzbühel are, in the opinion of the Innsbruck Regional Court, lawful. In other words, the client's sums of damage are initially secured by means of temporary legal protection. After the main proceedings have been carried out before the LG Munich I, it can then be used. All in all, a ray of hope for the many damaged Wirecard investors. Damaged investors in Wirecard AG can find out about the various options for compensation in the law firm free of charge at any time. Lawyer and specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law Michael Leipold has specialized in successfully representing aggrieved investors since 2003.

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