Leah Still, daughter of former NFL D-lineman Devon Still, celebrates eight years cancer free

Former Cincinnati Bengals and Houston Texans defensive lineman Devon Still, who shared the diagnosis and updates of his daughter Leah's fight with cancer in June 2014, posted another positive update to his social media accounts.

Still shared a video compilation Sunday of several clips of Leah's journey and announced that she is celebrating eight years of being cancer free.

"Sometimes you have to look back at your life to remember just how far you’ve come," Still wrote Sunday in a message posted to his verified twitter account. "Help me congratulate Leah on 8 years cancer free!!!"

Devon Still and Asha Joyce pose with their daughter, Leah, then 5 in this 2016 photo.
Devon Still and Asha Joyce pose with their daughter, Leah, then 5 in this 2016 photo.

In the video, in the bottom right corner, a shot of Leah watching the tribute as it plays can be seen. As Leah watches herself and her father going through her journey of treatment, Leah gets emotional.

"Dad, why did you make it so emotional," she said, wiping away a tear. "I literally have mascara on."

What was Leah Still's diagnosis and treatment for cancer?

Devon Still announced in June 2014 that Leah, who was four years old at the time, had been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a form of cancer that occurs most often in infants and young children, per the American Cancer Society. After the diagnosis, Leah underwent a seven-hour surgery to remove a tumor from her abdomen, five rounds of chemotherapy and one round of radiation. Then, in November 2014, Leah underwent a stem cell treatment, with the aim to regenerate her bone marrow.

Devon Still, who was a reserve defensive lineman with the Bengals in 2014, arranged with the team so that he could travel during the week of the season to Delaware, where Leah was living and receiving treatment. Typically, Still would leave the team after its Sunday game, miss the Monday meeting and return in time for Wednesday meetings and practice. Leah's diagnosis and treatment generated massive donations from NFL teams and fans and the sporting world, overall, including support from NBA star LeBron James.

Devon Still, 33, last played in the NFL in 2016, when he appeared in three games for Houston.

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