Should the Leafs make a play for pending free agent Colin White?

The Ottawa Senators have placed forward Colin White on unconditional waivers for the purpose of a buyout. Despite his history of injury, White is still just 25 years old and could provide useful value for the Maple Leafs at fourth-line centre.

Video Transcript

- Well, we're in bio territory, teams are already buying players out. And Colin White, who was on the Ottawa Senators just got bought out. So how does that affect the Leafs? Well, Kyle Dubas, the Leafs overall, had talked about wanting to make the fourth line better, and Colin White has been a player that had a high ceiling, got riddled with injuries, and he's at his best when obviously he's not being injured. So maybe it's a change of scenery, maybe it could be with the Leafs.

I mean, I don't see money or term being a huge demand, especially after being bought out. Maybe he could work out on the fourth line. Again, there will be a whole bunch of bargaining things with free agency or whatever. But I do think Colin White as a fourth line center could be an interesting option.

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