LeBron James recreates iconic Heat dunk with Lola Bunny in 'Space Jam: A New Legacy' trailer

Chris Cwik
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The new "Space Jam" is giving a huge shoutout to at least one fantastic moment from LeBron James' career. In the first trailer for "Space Jam: A New Legacy," James recreates his iconic Miami Heat dunk with Lola Bunny.

What iconic Heat dunk? You know the one. In fact, you can probably see the picture in your mind's eye right now. In the background, James is going up for the dunk. In the foreground, Dwyane Wade has his arms outstretched in anticipation of James' slam.

You might not have realized the moment upon your first viewing of the trailer, which dropped Saturday. But it's impossible to miss once you know it's there.

In case you still missed it, here's a side-by-side comparison.

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That's pretty neat, and a nice reference to hardcore basketball fans who take their kids to see the movie. 

Is the new 'Space Jam' movie worth watching?

The first trailer for the movie looked OK. The general plot points were already known. James and his son get sucked into a digital space and feud with a rogue A.I. played by Don Cheadle. 

At that point, James meets Bugs Bunny. At first, James is a cartoon, and all the members of the "Looney Tunes" look animated in their old style. Eventually, that changes. James turns into a human and the "Looney Tunes" all get a modern upgrade. 

From there, you get a glimpse of a lot of old cartoon cameos. "The Flintstones" are in there, as is Yogi Bear. It looks like they'll watch the game between the Tune Squad and the Goon Squad.

Speaking of which, the Goon Squad looks terrifying. James won't be taking on the Monstars in this film. Instead, he'll take on anthropomorphic versions of a hawk, snake and spider. The Goon Squad also consists of an android, a creature made of water and a creature made of fire. The spider, in particular, is nightmare fuel. 

All in all, it looks entertaining enough. At the very least, we're intrigued to see the next trailer.

"Space Jam: A New Legacy" releases on HBO Max on July 16. 

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