LaVar Ball tweets legendary GIF of him dunking on President Trump

The LaVar Ball-President Trump feud is not over. Very much not over. LaVar made sure of that on Thursday when he hit send on what surely is one of the greatest tweets of all time.

The entire history of the internet has been building up to this moment:

#TheTrumpDunk. #StayInYoLane.

The best part about the GIF is that it’s one continuous loop. Trump gets yammed on. Then he pulls out his phone to realize that the dunk has been captured on video, and is already blowing up social media – which, by the way, it is.

Oh, and this:

LaVar almost certainly did not make the GIF on his own. But he likely commissioned it. This isn’t something he just stole from a random graphic designer on the internet. It’s a Big Baller Brand special. Remember, LaVar has financial incentive to keep the feud alive. Nonetheless, the GIF is amazing.

The backstory here began when one of LaVar’s three sons, LiAngelo, was arrested for shoplifting in China. Trump supposedly lobbied with the president of China to get LiAngelo and two other UCLA players released. That led Trump to wonder if the players would thank him. All three did.

But LaVar had a different reaction. When asked about Trump’s role in LiAngelo returning home, he said, “Who? … Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out.” Trump, of course, had a response:

That led to a LaVar appearance on CNN, and, of course, more Trump tweets. The president desperately wanted credit for getting the three players out of jail:

There has been some back and forth since. LaVar said he sent Trump three pairs of Big Baller Brand shoes. But the entire feud culminated Thursday with one of the greatest moments in the history of Twitter. Shall we break it down from by frame?

Why not. We have the before:

(Screenshot: LaVar Ball on Twitter)

The moment of confrontation is above. Here’s the after:

(Screenshot: LaVar Ball on Twitter)
(Screenshot: LaVar Ball on Twitter)

And the Trump close-up:

(Screenshot: LaVar Ball on Twitter)

Trump close-up, part two:

(Screenshot: LaVar Ball on Twitter)

Trump close-up, part three:

(Screenshot: LaVar Ball on Twitter)

OK, that’s probably enough LaVar vs. Trump for the day.