Laura Anderson opens up on suffering from 'mum guilt' as she lands huge new job

Laura Anderson doesn't think she will ever get over mum guilt credit:Bang Showbiz
Laura Anderson doesn't think she will ever get over mum guilt credit:Bang Showbiz

Laura Anderson doesn't think she will ever "conquer" mum guilt.

The 34-year-old reality star has seven-month-old Bonnie with her ex-boyfriend Gary Lucy and with her new job as a host on Capital FM, she is trying to "find a balance" between her motherhood and her career.

She told OK!: "Absolutely. I'm trying to find a balance between switching off when I'm at work and then being fully 'mum Laura' when I get home, but it's all still new. Bonnie has just turned seven months and I don't think anyone ever truly conquers 'mum guilt. ' We're only human after all."

The former 'Love Island' star added that finding childcare can be "tough" but admitted that ultimately she does her job in the interest of her daughter and even though she thought she was "organsied" before becoming a mother, that is nothing compared to how she is now.

She said: "It can be tough but at the end of the day, my life revolves around Bonnie. I'm doing this job for her - to provide for her. I'm sure she'll be a topic of conversation on the radio all the time [laughs] and I'll be checking in on her during ad breaks. But the early starts mean that I get to spend every afternoon with her, give her dinner and put her to bed. Plus, I'm such an organised person, so that helps. I thought I was organised before but since having Bonnie, there's nothing more than having good time management.

Laura also noted that upon becoming six months old, Bonnie seemed to transform into a "completely different person" and that she is finding this stage of motherhood more difficult than the pregnancy in some respects.

She said: "She's starting to wean now, which is a big step. I always strive for excellence in everything I do and tried to be well-prepared. I read all the books before Bonnie arrived, but as soon as she hit six months, she transformed into a completely different baby!

"It's astonishing how rapidly she's developing. She's nearly crawling and I suspect her first word isn't far off. Previously, I could put her in a bouncer when I needed to do chores like washing up, but she no longer wants to sit still. Before we know it, we'll be potty training!

"It's amusing because during pregnancy you assume the toughest part will be lack of sleep, but I've found this stage more challenging."