Latin American women protest gender-based violence

STORY: In La Paz, Bolivia, protestors scuffled with police to demand an end to impunity in gender-based violence.

According to a report from the PAHO (Pan-American Health Organisation), Bolivia was identified as the Latin American country with the highest number of reported cases of physical violence by a partner. some 7 out of 10 women report experiencing some form of violence.

In the Chilean capital, demonstrators marched in front of the presidential palace against gender-based violence.

In Mexico City, women scuffled with police amid a heavy presence from authorities.

In October, 80 women in Mexico were killed due to their gender, according to a government report this week. It was the fourth consecutive monthly increase.

Latin America is the most violent region for women in the world both in and out of relationships, according to data from the Observatory on Gender Equality in Latin America and the Caribbean.

About 30 percent of Latin American women have been victims of violence by their partners and almost 11 percent have been victims of sexual violence from someone other than an intimate partner, according to The World Health Organisation.