The latest eye medicine to be recalled: 715,000 bottles of Clear Eyes eye drops

Five lots of Clear Eyes eye drops have been recalled by Teva Pharmaceuticals, the latest in a run of recalls of prescription and over-the-counter eye medications.

The FDA posting of the recall says Teva’s pulling Clear Eyes, Once Daily, Eye Allergy Itch Relief drops for a failed impurities test. This covers the 715,682 bottles in lot Nos. 114349, expiration 05/2023; 117396, expiration 09/2023; 120128, expiration 11/2023; 114371, expiration 06/2023; and 123781, expiration 02/2024.

Clear Eyes, Once Daily, Eye Allergy Itch Relief eye drops
Clear Eyes, Once Daily, Eye Allergy Itch Relief eye drops

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This recall isn’t connected to the outbreak of what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls an “extensively drug-resistant strain of pseudomonas aeruginosa,” which has infected 68 people in 16 states. Of those 68 people, the CDC reports, eight have suffered vision loss and one had to have an eye removed.

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If you have the Clear Eyes eye drops, return them to the store for a full refund. If you have questions about this recall, call Teva at 888-838-2872, and hit option No. 4, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern time.

If you’ve had any medical problems from this or any other drug, first see a medical professional. Then, let the FDA know via its MedWatch Adverse Event page or by filling out a form you can get by calling 800-332-1088.