Here are the latest donors to the Charlotte Observer’s Empty Stocking Fund

Jeff Siner/

The Charlotte Observer has sponsored the Empty Stocking Fund since about 1920. All of the money that people contribute goes to the Salvation Army’s Christmas Bureau, which buys toys, food, clothing and gift cards for families.

Here are the latest donors for this year’s campaign:

On behalf of, Amount

Anne Patterson, $200, In memory of Larry H. Patterson

Anonymous, $200, In memory of Skip Gribble

Anonymous, $250

Barbara T. Perzel, $25

Brian Babin, $250

Carol and Alex Moyer, $250

Charles Alex Taylor III, $100

Chris and Anne Woolley, $125

Darlyne Menscer, $1,000

David and Mary Peterson, $100

David Hurwitz, $100

Donna Gibson, $250

Elizabeth Warren, $300

Hall Turner, Jr., $100

Henri Bickett, $200

James Frazier, $500

Jane Belo, $20

Joan Musselwhite, $100, In honor of Chuck Noe and Randy Peacock

John and Andrea Bellis, $200

John, Sr., and Dorothy Rea, $100, In memory of Sibyl and Carroll Dellinger

Katherine Jane Hughes, $750

Kearns Kelly, $500, In honor of LuLu and PK

Keith Wassum, $50

Larson and Carol Jaenicke, $150

Linda Patterson, $50, In memory of Tom Patterson and Jason Walls

Lisa Pharr, $200

Mark Myers, $200

Mary Belk, $200

Mary Council, $225, In memory of my mother, Adelaide Ingle

Melinda King, $50

Michael Clement, $500, In memory of Kaki Clement

Michael Gallagher, $100

Robert, Jr. and Lynne Pierce, $100

Roy Michaux, Jr., $200

Russell and Sally Robinson, $250

Ryan Hale, $200

Samuel Poole, Jr., $100

Today’s Total $8,195

YTD Total $26,586

How to donate

To donate online: To donate by mail, send checks to: The Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte, P.O. Box 31128, Charlotte, NC 28231. Make checks payable to The Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte and write “Empty Stocking Fund” in the memo line.