This Is the Last Chrysler 300C

final production chrysler 300c
This Is the Last Chrysler 300CStellantis North America

In addition to being the last year for current-generation Charger and Challenger production, 2023 marks the last year that Chrysler will produce the closely-related 300. The brand announced a limited run of 2200 new 300Cs to celebrate the end, a limited run that came to an end earlier this week.

That makes this red example the last Chrysler 300C, the end of the line for one of the most successful rear-wheel drive sedans built by an American company since the 1970s. The 300C wraps up its life 18 years after debuting for the 2005 model year. Back then, the 300C was powered by a 340 hp V-8. The final 300C packs 485 hp, far less than the most powerful Challengers but a substantial step up from the car's beginnings.

Even without the help of a new Hellcat-powered model, Chrysler parent company Stellantis says that the 300C's limited run sold out within 12 hours of its announcement. The 300, Charger, and Challenger may be very outdated as they wrap up a lifetime that lasted over parts of three decades, but enthusiasm for the models has lasted through the end.

This is not necessarily the final car built with a 300 badge, but Stellantis says that production of the current-generation, non-C 300 will wrap up "no later than December 31st, 2023." While the Dodge models seem primed for an electric replacement that may even have a gas-powered option, Chrysler has yet to announce any sort of plans for a 300 replacement.

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