Lamborghini Sees 'No Sign of Weakness in the Market'

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Lamborghini Sees 'No Sign of Weakness in Market'Lamborghini

Lamborghini had a banner year in 2023. Again. The Sant’Agata, Italy-based automaker has been on a roll since 2020 and reportedly sold out of its supercars until 2026. CEO Stephan Winkelmann is clearly feeling bullish; this week, Winkelmann told journalists on a call that “it’s a bit early to give a prognosis, but we have no sign of weakness in the market," Bloomberg reports.

The automaker sold a record number of 10,112 cars in 2023, including more than 6000 Urus SUVs, Car and Driver reports.

On Tuesday, Lamborghini quelled any naysayers about the company’s future, reaffirming that the Huracan’s successor and the Urus will be plug-in hybrids and that two all-electric vehicles are on the horizon. Its new Lanzador EV was unveiled last fall, and Lamborghini teased an all-electric Ultra GT 2+2 before 2030.

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The brand has tipped its hand toward electrification with its successful launch of the 1,001-hp hybrid Revuelto, which registers a 30-percent reduction in emissions from the Aventador. Lamborghini’s commitment to adapting to the market is reflected in the money it’s putting into the program, which is the largest investment plan in the 60-year history of the company. If the Revuelto is an indication of things to come, the customer standby list is going to keep getting longer, but it will be worth the wait.

Behind the scenes, the company says it’s extending its decarbonization program to the whole process from third-party suppliers to delivery. Lamborghini’s newest goal is to reduce emissions by 40 percent per car by 2030 based on its 2021 modeling. The Italian company is morphing into something new, and by all indications, it's looking good.

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