Lamborghini Introduces Four-Day Work Week for Production Workers

lamborghini production
Lamborghini Introduces Four-Day Work WeekLamborghini

Lamborghini reached a deal with unions to introduce a four-day work week for its production workers, the company announced Tuesday. The agreement achieves a reduction in working hours without a reduction in wages while increasing wages, Reuters reports.

If working for Lamborghini has always been a dream, then that dream just got even more appealing. Production workers can now work as many as 31 fewer days per year thanks to the new deal. Workers on a two-shift schedule will work a five-day week, followed by a four-day week which will reduce the number of yearly workdays by 22. Workers on a three-shift schedule will work a five-day week and then two four-day weeks, which reduces the yearly workdays by 31. An extra month of vacation time every year doesn't sound so bad.

Still not sure if you'd want to work for Lamborghini? Well, the new deal includes pay increases as well. The current variable bonuses that are paid to workers will be increased by 50 percent. There is also a one-time bonus of $1146 (converted from €1,063) that is to be paid this month. More pay, fewer hours, and you get to be around Lamborghinis all day long. Sounds like a win.

Other European companies have already adopted four-day workweek schemes and have found many benefits. Workers produced more in less time, illness-related absenteeism decreased, and it was easier to retain employees and attract new ones, Reuters reports.

"Work less and work better, this is the principle that guided this negotiation, and which is part of a comprehensive reasoning," a statement from FIOM and FIM-CISL unions said.

Does this mean that Lamborghini will be able to crank out more Revuelto models and lower the price? Probably not. But having happier workers can only have a positive impact on the vehicles Lamborghini produces.

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