Lamborghini Has Its First New Badge in Two Decades

lamborghini badge
Lamborghini Has Its First New Badge in Two DecadesLamborghini

A new logo is a momentous occasion for a car company, one that typically represents either a new era or a major rebrand of what the brand is doing. The updated Lamborghini badge revealed on Thursday represents just that, but the logo itself is not all that different.

According to the brand, the new Lamborghini badge is part of a plan to "[adapt] the brand's visual expression to better reflect the “brave,” “unexpected,” and “authentic” values of its mission, namely “Driving Humans Beyond." That is part of what the company calls Direzione Cor Tauri, the brand's internal name for its electrification plans. All of that is a particularly confounding way to say that the company is changing, so its badge is getting streamlined to indicate a new direction.

The actual changes are entirely to how existing elements of the badge are presented. The bull, once a very detailed yellow-gold shaded image, is now simplified as a gold representation with solid colors contrasted by black shadows. "Lamborghini" text over the top sits in a new typeface, and in some uses the whole thing is also presented in simple black and white in addition to the usual yellow and black. Mercifully, the modern brand's now-signature hexagon patterns are nowhere to be seen.

That marketing speak may seem nonsensical and the changes may seem small, but the badge update comes as Lamborghini embraces electrification in just about everything it makes, from the Revuelto hybrid V-12 supercar to an upcoming EV first previewed as last year's Lanzador concept. Lamborghini is also embracing top-level auto racing for the first time with the SC 63 and continuing to produce its first SUV, the Urus.

Combined, those four major pushes make this a very different Lamborghini than the one that sold so many Huracans and Aventadors in the 2010s. The refreshed badge indicates a new Lamborghini, one committed to finding out how it can keep the mid-engined V-12 supercar alive in the modern world.

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