Labrador fuel prices take dramatic shifts as summer pricing begins

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Gas is up by as much as 62 cents per litre in some parts of Labrador Thursday as a price freeze ends in parts of the Big Land. (Terry Roberts/CBC - image credit)
Gas is up by as much as 62 cents per litre in some parts of Labrador Thursday as a price freeze ends in parts of the Big Land. (Terry Roberts/CBC - image credit)
Terry Roberts/CBC
Terry Roberts/CBC

Fuel prices across most of Labrador have changed by large amounts up and down as summer pricing comes into effect across the region.

In a news release issued by Newfoundland and Labrador's Public Utilities Board Thursday, the resupplying of fuel across most parts of Labrador has been completed. As a result, the PUB is lifting a winter price freeze that has been in place in coastal Labrador since November along with implementing a summer price freeze across much of the region.

With changes in pricing benchmarks, fuel prices in Labrador break down as follows:

From the Labrador Straits to Red Bay, Diesel decreased by 28.7 cents per litre, putting the price at $2.56 per litre. Stove oil decreased by 24.93 cents, bringing the price to just under $2.03 per litre.

Prices dropped by the same amount in southern Labrador from Lodge Bay to Cartwright — bringing diesel to $2.615 per litre and stove oil to $2.036 per litre — and on the south coast where fuel is delivered by drum. Diesel now sits at $2.764 per litre in that region, while stove oil  lowers to $2.216 per litre.

In areas of the south coast where fuel is supplied by a tanker, gasoline, diesel and stove oil took a staggering jump.

Gasoline increased by 62.2 cents per litre in the region, bringing the maximum price per litre in the region to $2.457. Diesel rose 54.3 cents to $2.41 per litre, while stove oil increased 47.19 cents to $1.85 per litre.

These prices also apply to Labrador's north coast, where the same increases occurred.

Gas sees small increase across Newfoundland

Elsewhere in the province, gas saw a small jump rising 1.9 cents per litre in Newfoundland, Labrador West and Churchill Falls.

The increase puts the maximum price for a litre of unleaded gas at $2.153 on the Avalon Peninsula. Prices vary across the island, from $2.178 in central Newfoundland, $2.21 on the Connaigre Peninsula, from $2.16 to about $2.17 in western Newfoundland and $2.19 on the Northern Peninsula.

Prices in Labrador West now sit at $2.219 in Labrador West, $2.16 in Central Labrador and more than $2.24 per litre in Churchill Falls.

John Gushue/CBC
John Gushue/CBC

Diesel saw a decrease across much of the province, down 3.3 cents per litre. Prices range from $2.331 to as high as $2.441 in Newfoundland, and now range from $2.41 per litre to over $2.76 per litre.

Furnace oil and stove oil also saw decreases of 2.86 cents and 3.73 cents respectively, while propane increased by just 0.3 cents.

The following chart, powered by user-generated data collected by the website GasBuddy, shows the recent trend in gas prices across Newfoundland and Labrador.

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