LA Times Staffers Lament Mass Layoffs: ‘Journalism Grim Reaper Has Arrived’

The LA Times began a 30-day layoff process on Tuesday, which is set to impact at least 115 staffers. As employees were notified that their roles had been impacted, many took to X (formerly Twitter) to lament the newspaper’s management and grieve the loss of their jobs.

The job cuts are set to impact 94 members of the LA Times Guild, according to union president Matt Pearce.

State politics reporter covering tech and entertainment policy Queenie Wong posted, “The journalism grim reaper has arrived at my door and what once was a dream is now a nightmare.”

Asian American communities reporter Jeong Park was also impacted, writing “Yep, they got me,” on X.

Metro reporter covering Orange County Gabriel San Román reflected on his time with the publication saying, “One day you’re covering the CSU strike in the pouring rain, the next day you’ve been served a lay off notice.”

San Román encouraged his former LA Times Guild colleagues to continue to organize and not “waste any time mourning.”

Multiplatform editor for newsletters Elvia Limón posted, “Baby’s first layoff. I’ve been cut. It’s been real, y’all.”

“Gonna go cry until I puke now,” Limón wrote.

West Coast experiences reporter Lila Seidman was also impacted by Tuesday’s layoffs, writing that she is “devastated,” and “numb.”

“This is the end of the line for me at the Times. If anyone has job leads, please send them to the dark cave I’ll be staying in for the next few days,” Seidman posted on X.

Laid-off staffers continued to post the news to social media on Tuesday.

“Today’s decision is painful for all, but it is imperative that we act urgently and take steps to build a sustainable and thriving paper for the next generation. We are committed to doing so,” LA Times owner Patrick Soon-Shiong told the outlet.

While lower than the initial rumored number of staff cuts, these layoffs are equivalent to around a quarter of the guild’s membership. Guild president Matt Pearce said LA Times management notified him that layoffs would be starting on Tuesday.

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