Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet: A Complete Timeline of Their Rumored Relationship

This whole Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet thing is not going away.

Let’s just say it: The celebrity dating landscape in 2023 has been…all over the place. Between Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny’s rumored ship and Emily Ratajkowski’s Tokyo makeout with Harry Styles, it seems unexpected pairings are the name of the game. But nothing could have prepared the internet for reports that Kylie Jenner of Keeping Up With the Kardashians fame is currently entangled with Serious Actor™ Timothée Chalamet. But here we are.

The rumors started in the same place almost all celebrity gossip comes from these days: Deux Moi. The celebrity-sighting and blind-item Instagram account first posted about Kylothée on April 6 to its Stories and grid, writing, “NEW COUPLE ALERT,” with one of its anonymous sources claiming to have known about the couple since January. While many people on the internet couldn’t (or didn’t want to) believe it, the situation got a lot more real when the 25-year-old reality star’s car was photographed in the 27-year-old Oscar nominee’s driveway on April 13.

But how did we get here and what else do we know? Here’s a complete timeline of the rumored relationship between Jenner and Chalamet.

December 2023: Kylie Jenner and on-and-off boyfriend Travis Scott reportedly break up sometime before New Year’s Eve. “They were supposed to spend the holidays together, but she went to Aspen to be with her family and friends up there,” a source tells Us Weekly. “This has happened so many times before; they’re known to be on-again, off-again, but always remain friends and great coparents.” The pair share two children: five-year-old Stormi and one-year-old Aire Webster.

According to a People source, the pair split over misaligned priorities. “Kylie is very focused on her kids and her business,” the source says of the Kylie Cosmetics mogul. “She is not a big partier. Travis is the opposite. He likes to party. They definitely have different focuses. They always did.”

January 25, 2023: Jenner and Chalamet are first seen interacting at the Jean Paul Gaultier show at Paris Fashion Week. After relationship rumors begin circulating in early April, Deux Moi shared a resurfaced video of the pair laughing at the event.

Kylie Jenner attends the Jean Paul Gaultier haute couture spring-summer show as part of Paris Fashion Week on January 25, 2023.

Jean Paul Gaultier : Outside Arrivals - Haute Couture Spring Summer 2023

Kylie Jenner attends the Jean Paul Gaultier haute couture spring-summer show as part of Paris Fashion Week on January 25, 2023.
Pierre Suu/Getty Images
Timothée Chalamet arrives at the Jean Paul Gaultier haute couture spring-summer show as part of Paris Fashion Week on January 25, 2023.

Celebrity Sightings - Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture Spring Summer 2023 : Day Three

Timothée Chalamet arrives at the Jean Paul Gaultier haute couture spring-summer show as part of Paris Fashion Week on January 25, 2023.
Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images

April 6, 2023: Deux Moi breaks everyone’s brains with reports that Jenner and Chalamet are the latest celebrity odd couple.

April 2023 (Part II): Following the initial relationship rumors, the Daily Mail reports that the pair had a “secret date night” in Los Angeles, picking up dinner from Tito’s Tacos.

April 13, 2023: TMZ publishes photos of Jenner’s black Range Rover in the driveway of Chalamet’s house in Beverly Hills.

April 14, 2023: We have our first People report! A source tells the publication that Jenner and Chalamet “are hanging out and getting to know each other.” People is one of the more reliable sources of celebrity gossip, so this is a pretty big indicator that Kylothée is legit.

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We don’t need a big boy; we need a little spoon.

April 17, 2023: A source confirms to ET that this is all real, just weeks ahead of the upcoming Met Gala, which could mark their official debut as a couple. “They are keeping things casual at this point,” the source said. “It’s not serious, but Kylie is enjoying hanging out with Timothée and seeing where it goes. It’s been really fun for her because it feels a lot different than her past relationships. It’s new and exciting for Kylie and she’s having a lot of fun.” How…fun! Neither Jenner nor Chalamet has confirmed the rumors themselves.

April 19, 2023: Per an Us Weekly report, Jenner hopes that her situation with Chalamet will help her move on from her ex and the father of her two children, Travis Scott. A source told the outlet that Jenner has not moved on from Scott yet. “Kylie thinks Timothée is really sweet and she does see potential,” they said. “Kylie knows she and Travis will always be in each other’s lives, and they have an amazing co-parenting relationship. Part of her dating Timothée is in hopes of moving on from Travis, but that hasn’t happened yet. There’s always a possibility of reconciling with Travis at some point.”

Meanwhile, an alleged “Jenner source” tells People that the couple “hang out every week,” but also says, “It’s not serious.” Apparently, the pair has “a lot to chat about,” and the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan wants her to “move on” from Travis Scott. “Everyone in the family is happy and supportive of Kylie dating,” the source said.

May 25, 2023: After a quiet month, Jenner’s black Range Rover SVA is spotted leaving Chalamet’s Beverly Hills home just a few minutes after arriving around 10 a.m.

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One uncharacteristically “quiet” look is a coincidence. But three?

June 1, 2023: The first Kylothée photos are here! On June 1, Page Six publishes a series of photos taken of Chalamet and Jenner throughout the month of May, including photos from a casual BBQ attended by the alleged couple’s sisters Kendall Jenner and Pauline Chalamet. In a photo from a separate occasion, Jenner and Chalamet seemed to coordinate tie-dye outfits while out for a stroll. See all the pics here.

Paparazzi also tell Page Six that the Kylie Cosmetics mogul spends “upwards of six days a week” at Chalamet’s Beverly Hills home. “Kylie and Timothée have been spending much more time together and they’re growing much closer as the days go by,” a source tells Us Weekly around this time. “Some of Kylie’s family members have met Timothée including Kris and Kendall. They really like him and think he’s different from anybody Kylie has dated in the past,” the source continued. “He has a great sense of humor, and he makes her smile which is the most important thing to them. They love seeing how happy she is and absolutely approve of them dating.”

June 14, 2023: Kylie Jenner fans think they spotted a hickey in the reality star’s latest Instagram photo dump. While showing off another un–Kylie Jenner dress in the fifth photo, the mogul can be seen holding her son while she walks to her car, but fans were fixated on an unidentified mark on her neck. “Am I the only one who peeps the hickey,” one fan asked, receiving 815 likes.

Another wrote, “Uhm ms kylie, we see that hickey.” That comment received over 1,000 likes, with one user responding, “I’m so happy someone else noticed that!” However, another fan suggested the mark could just be the shadow of Jenner’s earring….

<cite class="credit">Instagram/@kyliejenner</cite>

July 28, 2023: Did Travis Scott just call out Chalamet and Jenner? The rapper appears to reference the rumored couple in his new song “Meltdown,” though he doesn’t mention Chalamet by name. Instead, the lyrics refer to Willy Wonka, whom Chalamet portrays in his latest movie, set to be released in December. “Chocolate AP and chocolate the Vs (Vs), got the Willy Wonka factory (Vs),” he raps, per Genius. “Burn a athlete like it’s calories, find another flame hot as me, bitch.”

Is this a diss? Fans think so!

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This is not a good look.

August 24, 2023: Despite recent Kylothée breakup rumors, Jenner is allegedly spotted at Chalamet’s home on August 24. According to photos shared by the Daily Mail, Jenner rolled up in her Mercedes after shopping in the area. Meanwhile, Deux Moi reports that Jenner and Chalamet have “not cooled off” but may not be “exclusive.”

September 4, 2023: Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet are spotted together at Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour performance in Los Angeles. In one photo shared by TMZ, the pair can even be spotted making out. It’s real, guys.

September 9, 2023: Now that the pair have gone public, expect more outings! To start, the couple attend a New York Fashion Week dinner party together. In one video shared by a Jenner fan account, the pair can be seen sitting next to each other at the celebration of Haider Ackermann’s beauty collaboration with Augustinus Bader. “I’ve never seen her look this happy and comfortable,” one viewer commented on the clip.

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