Kylie Jenner's Latest TikTok Shows What She Eats In A Day, And We Are Jealous

Kylie Jenner's Latest TikTok Shows What She Eats In A Day, And We Are Jealous

We all love a little peek into the everyday life of a celeb. Here at Delish, it’s even more exciting when we get to see what a celeb grabs during the day.

Kylie Jenner gave us a look at what she eats in her latest TikTok, and we are drooling. She captioned the video "what i eat in a day 🤍.”

It starts off with Jenner showing off a matching orange sports bra and leggings set in her mirror. We then shift to her breakfast — a bowl of yogurt topped with crunchy granola, blueberries, raspberries and a sprig of mint. Her boost of caffeine is a frothy-looking green drink in a mug. Perhaps a matcha latte or green tea?

After that, Jenner makes us all jealous with coconut water. But it isn’t in a bottle. It’s in a freshly opened coconut with a straw sticking out. Something most people only get on vacation, but we can live vicariously through her.

Lunch is a fresh pile of greens with crunchy slivered nuts, purple cabbage, black sesame seeds and herbs in a creamy dressing. On the side or as a snack, she snacks on some grapes and pours herself a glass of lemon water from a tall container filled with bright yellow sliced lemons. In there, she drops some black liquid, which we assume is blk.water’s fulvic drops.

For dinner, a creamy penne, some roasted asparagus and a light salad of arugula and cucumbers make up a plate. Dessert is some freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies that look soft and gooey on the inside and crispy on the outside.

We can only hope Jenner will continue to share her daily eats.

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